Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tim Robbins vs. New York City

Last week, I featured a story about Tim Robbins, one of my least all time favorite actors, TV or movie personalities, and to be quite frank, human beings.

Now, it’s time for Tim Robbins vs. the city’s Board of Elections—Round 2. And, this one is a real good round. Not for Mr. Robbins. But, for the city! Enjoy.

You will remember that the actor caused a ruckus on election day, when he went to vote at the YMCA on West 14th Street and found his name wasn’t in the poll book. He refused to cast a paper ballot, claiming that paper ballots are often just thrown away and never counted. So, he got a court order to allow him to pull the lever.

Mr. Robbins complained, “This is just one example of how difficult it is to vote in the US.”

Well, not so fast Mr. Robbins. In a letter to Robbins yesterday, the board said he went to the wrong polling place because he’d moved from West 15th Street to West 19th on February 19, 2004, so his voting location changed to West 20th.

Then, the real kicker, the problem wasn’t noticed earlier because he hadn’t voted in recent elections, the board said.

Oh, how appropriate, on so many levels, this is so appropriate! Let’s recount (to borrow a 2000 election term):

1) Tim Robbins caused a ruckus because he couldn’t vote on election day.
2) So, Robbins goes all the way to court to get a court order to allow him to vote.
3) Mr. Robbins says that his problem shows just how difficult it is to vote in America.
4) Now, the truth comes out. Mr. Robbins went to the wrong voting place.
5) Why? Oh, simple. He hasn’t voted in recent elections!
6) Imagine that.
7) Wonder what was so difficult about previous elections? What stopped him from voting in those elections?

I know we should not laugh at other people’s stupidity. But forgive me as I do in this situation!

Some advice Mr. Tim Robbins? Before making a scene and blaming America for being a difficult place to vote, be sure to vote often enough to know where your polling place is! Remember. You can’t blame them for moving the polling place—you are the person who moved! And when you move, most of the time your voting place moves!

I love the rest of this story!


  1. Look out Mr. Robbins, you have some egg on your face...

  2. Rick...some things you just bring on yourself...especially when you think you are "entitled" and "due..."


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