Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boxes--100 Words


Since April, life has revolved around boxes.

It was in April that we listed our house for sale. We boxed us “unnecessary” things so the house would show better.

Four days later, we had our first offer on the house. More boxes were filled as we prepared for the sale to be finalized.

That deal fell through, a week before closing.

We unpacked a few boxes to help the house show better a second time.

Then, house sold again. For good.

Boxes, boxes, boxes, everywhere.

Now, they are being moved.

Only to be unpacked.

And thrown away. Or burned.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Closing Day--100 Words

Closing day.

If you are reading this, then today is closing day on the houses we are selling and buying.

This has been a journey.


I know. I’ve been quick to complain about this journey.

But, I have to stop and realize I put myself through it.

No one put a gun to my head and said, “Sell and buy!”

I caused this.

What I didn’t do is cause all of the starts and stops along the way. Those came because of the mistakes of others.

Hopefully, at 3:00 PM, the end of the journey arrives.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aging--100 Words


No fun in that word.

Joints hurt. Memory shortens. Hair falls out. Teeth let loose. Medicine list gets longer.

I’ve heard people say this about birthdays (implying it relates to aging): “Well, beats the alternative.”

As if dying is all bad.

But, is dying worse than aging?

Not always.

Who among would choose aging over death if it meant Alzheimer’s was our constant companion.

Who would choose aging over death if it meant enduring the ravages of cancer.

Have we forgotten Paul’s words: “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Dying isn’t always bad.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Having Fun--100 Words

Having fun.

Cyndi Lauper sang about girls wanting to have fun.

Eagle Eye Cherry posed the question, “Are you still having fun?”

How much fun do we have?

Oh, I know. Life is serious.

There’s unemployment. Cancer. Divorce. Human trafficking. Death. Suffering.

I get it. I, too, have experienced some of those life events.

Who hasn’t known their share of seriousness?

But, laughter is good for us.

I have a choice. I can wait for trouble to find me.

Or, I can celebrate every day given to me by God and then trust Him with troubles come.

It’s my choice.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Christ Follower--100 Words

I’m a Christ follower.

Simply put, I believe in and follow Jesus Christ.

I’ve given my life to Him. He is my Redeemer. Savior. Lord. And, Friend.

I love Him. And, I know He loves me.

Yet, I am not perfect.

I am not even good many times.

I’m a sinner.

I fail miserably. I fall short of His plan.

I could excuse it on being human. Or, not always understanding His Word or plan for my life.

I could do that. But, why lie.

Mostly, when I fail, it’s my own choosing.

Lord, forgive my stumbles and weak ways.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Being A Dad--100 Words

Being a dad.

There are so many special things in life.

Becoming a Christ follower ranks number one.

Getting married is special and ranks a close second.

But, becoming a dad, is almost beyond words.

Watching a child grow. Watching a child’s face change every day. Listening as they grunt, mumble, and speak.

Listening as words become sentences.

Then, there’s crawling. Walking. Then running.

But, of all the things a child does, it’s hard to beat seeing a child reach up his or her hand, placing it into your hand, and then smiling from ear-to-ear.

I love being a dad.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quiet--100 Words


I’m rarely accused of being quiet.

Normally, I’m rather loud.

I have one of those voices that carries across the room.

Me? Whisper? Don’t have it in me.

But, this week, I’ve found myself needing to be quiet.

With all that has taken place related to the sale of our home, and the rug being pulled out from under us at the last minute, words just haven’t come easily.

Or, at all.

So, I’ve been quiet. I’ve spent the week trying to listen for a change.

And, as with being terrible at being quiet, I’m even worse at listening.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Punch to the Gut--100 Words

What’s worse than depressed?

I guess, in some ways, that would be suicidal.

Okay. What’s only slightly worse than depressed?

Discouraged? Frustrated?

It’s that kind of “punch to the stomach” feeling.

Ever experienced that?

Well, lately, that feeling has become my constant companion.

Not a liked companion. Not desired.

I’m sick and tired of it.

I’m sure I can take more. But, if I have a choice, I’d rather not.

Oh, my troubles are small. Children are starving to death around the world. Wars are being fought. Soldiers are dying.

I need to grow up. And get over my discouragement.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Working Hard--Point of View--100 Words

What’s your POV of working hard?

It seems that not everyone has the same work ethic that I was taught.

I guess I was taught it. Or, was it drilled into my brain?

Either way, working hard to provide for myself and my family was instilled into my psyche.

Some don’t have that mindset.

At least it seems that way from observing them.

Is that unfair? Is that being judgmental on my part?

It probably is unfair. I don’t know what’s going on in their mind or body.

Maybe they just approach life differently from me.

Nothing wrong with that.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Point of View--God (Part 5)--100 Words

Point of view (POV).

What’s your POV of God?

We all have one.

Even those who deny His existence.

So, what do you believe about God?

For me, that POV changes.


Sometimes daily.

No. it’s not what you may be thinking.

My POV of God doesn’t change as I want Him to change.

In that sense, God is unchangeable. He is an immovable heavenly being.

My POV changes as I learn more about God.

As I study His Word.

As I pray.

Hopefully, I know more about God today than yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Point of View--God (Part 4)--100 Words

Point of view (POV).

What’s your POV of God?

I struggle knowing God.

After all, I can’t see Him.

I can’t touch Him.

I can’t hear Him.

I can’t smell Him.

Things that normally makes things real. God is none of those things.

There are moments that I am troubled by that.

Truthfully, there are plenty of things I can’t explain about God.

Then again, I can’t explain how an airplane flies. Or, how toothpaste gets into that little tube. Or, how sound waves can find my cell phone.

I still fly, brush, and talk.

I still believe in God.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Point of View--God (Part 3)--100 Words

Point of view (POV).

What’s your POV of God?

I know the one I should have.

Or, have been told that I should have.

I was in church nine months before I was born. I’ve heard it for a LONG time!

But, have I listened to Him?

Have I really understood Him?

Or, have I only understood what others have told me about Him?

There’s a huge difference there.

I’m at the point in life where I don’t need people telling me what to believe.

I’m smart enough to listen, study, and evaluate for myself.

With God, that takes time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Point of View (Part 2)--God--100 Words

Point of view (POV).

What’s your POV of God?

You’ve heard of Him, I’m sure.

The One mentioned in the Old Testament, and New.

The One Who has billboards with catchy sayings on them.

The One written about by preachers, theologians, scientists, and even a few atheists.

That one.

Earlier in life, I saw Him as a policeman—just waiting for me to fall so He could send me off to hell.

Later, I saw Him as distant—where was He when I needed Him most?

Most days, I see Him as creator.

Lover of my soul.

Eternally present.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Point of View (Part 1)--100 Words

Point of view (POV).

Everyone has one.

A designer has a point of view, whether contemporary, traditional, classical.

A chef has one. It may be baking, vegetarian, southern, gluten free, whole food, ethnic.

What’s your POV?

About life.

About your job.

About your family.

About your future.

You have one.

Have you taken time to understand it. Explain it. Accept it.

Later this month, I have a birthday. As it approaches, I think it’s important to evaluate my point of view—about several things.

Take the journey with me if you will.

If not, that’s okay too.

First up—God.