Monday, November 3, 2008

Cosmic Cowboy Rides Again

Yesterday, I shared a song with you that I played while employed at Samford University's radio station.

Just for laughs, here's another song that was very popular during those days! I'll be curious if any of you have ever heard the song or can even remember it.

It was quite popular in those days...who knows, maybe the cosmic cowboy will ride again!


  1. Barry McGuire! Awesome! This was one of the first Christian albums I ever bought. I loved this song. Thanks Steve for making an old guy remember.

  2. Bill...the way the comments are going...I think you and I are the only two old guys who REMEMBER this song...or can REMEMBER that far back! Glad to put a smile on your face...

  3. Ooooookkkkkaaaaayyyyy..

    Only could listen to the first few seconds.

    Little sister

  4. Wow! I haven't heard this song in forever!! I used to have this on vinyl, hmmm, gonna have to dig and see if I still do. The best "spoken" songs ever.

    Camey, you gotta give the lyrics a chance. Look past the disco-ish simmulated shooting stars for the Message. :D

    But I guess that makes me a voting member of that club, too, eh? Speak up, sonny. :P

  5. Will, I took your suggestion. Definitely got the Message.

    Yep! Three members of that club thus far.

    I think I just got younger watching that


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