Monday, November 17, 2008

Operation Smile

Have you smiled today?

I hope so. If not, please keep reading and I promise you a smile will find its way to your face.

So many of us, and I know I am guilty of this as well, take every day blessings for granted. A chipped tooth can be repaired simply enough. A scar can be corrected in a doctor’s office. A mole or spot on our face can be checked and removed as necessary.

Unfortunately, for too many people around the world, they must simply learn to live with their physical imperfections and deformities.

But recently, Operation Smile went to a Burmese village near Mae Sot district. While there, they fixed many of the longstanding physical problems such as cleft lips and palates. During their ministry in Thailand and Burma, the volunteers contributed their time and services.

“They will have a new life and a bright smile. They won’t have to live with physical abnormalities anymore,” said Busaba Chirathivat who is the senior vice president of Central Retail Corporation, which financed the project.

Operation Smile is a wonderful program, doing great work around the world. Thank you Operation Smile and the countless volunteers who are serving those in need! Keep up the great work.


  1. This is a tremendous organization. We have an adopted Chinese girl in our church who has been undergoing cleft palate surgery but her lip was taken care of before the adoption. Am wondering if the good folks at OS did hers. Worth looking into.


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