Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can It Be True?

Christmas is only 36 days away! Can that be true?

Let the decorating begin!


  1. He's adorable!!

    I am chomping at the bit to start decorating. Come on Thanksgiving!! I feel the need, the need for some lights and carrols and fake pine needles and stockings and scents of Christmas.


  2. Thanks Heidi...our little boy has an ear infection right now...hopefully, he is on the mends...

    If I could only convince my wife to let me start decorating BEFORE Christmas I would be most happy!

  3. That Evan is way too cute! Ohhhh about the decorating though?? It's kind of like the garbage can. So?? You might want to remember that when decorating!

    Ohhhhh the stories I could tell..

  4. nice looking young dude there. Has to take after his mom. :) is that a mohawk he has? You haven't seen anything yet until you see a child at Christmas. They say it is for kids but I get a kick out of watching.

  5. Camey...we can hardly wait until the decorating begins...who knows what Evan is going to do! It may be time to duct tape him to the floor!

  6. Bill...you just can't say anything nice, can you? Takes after his mother...gee whiz...and then to insult his hair! Like you or I have any right to talk about another person's hair!

  7. He's a cutie for sure, and I've not forgotten about the Chicago Cubs outfit....

  8. Quite the photogenic young man, there! He's growing like a weed!!

    We always leverage the weekend of Thanksgiving to retrofit the house, but nothing like the Griswolds, thank goodness.

  9. He's a cutie!!

    I am so excited for Thanksgiving that I have no thoughts of Christmas yet! Definitely not decorating even tho I love to do it.

    Tho I have had lots of inquiries if we are going to be mad like last year and go shopping at 3am on Friday? Ummm....let me SLEEP on that one please!


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