Friday, November 18, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Projects)

I’m thankful for projects. Lists. To do lists.

When we bought our house 1 ½ years ago, there were few problems with the house.

However, I took the inspection room and made a list of everything the inspector said needed a little “work.”

I prioritized the list and started tackling projects.

No urgency about it at all.

Just made a list, then worked the list.

My mind easily wraps around lists and projects.

They give me a target to aim for. And, to accomplish.

I need targets. Without them, I get lost.

Pardon me. I’ve got more items to accomplish.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Uncertainty)

I’m thankful for uncertain things.

Probably sounds weird to some.

However, I’m not a big fan of “sameness.”

No, I’m not ADD or ADHD or any of the other AD words.

Yet, I find that I get bored with doing the same thing every day.

I guess that’s why I don’t work on an assembly line in a factory. Or, do any number of jobs that involve the same tasks each day.

I think I’ll literally die from the sameness.

Nothing wrong with those jobs. They just aren’t for me.

So, I’ll stick with the unknown.

Long live the uncertain.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Sight)

I’m thankful for sight!

Seeing a new day.

Seeing the full moon. Half moon. Quarter moon. It doesn’t matter.

Seeing leaves turn orange, yellow, red. Watching as they fall to the ground.

Watching a rose bush begin to bud and bloom.

I love seeing a dog wag its tail. Or roll on its belly for a good rubbing.

I love seeing an open hand being offered to a person in need.

I love seeing the smile on my son’s face when I get him out of bed or when I kiss him goodnight.

I love seeing my wife smile. Anytime.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Memories)

I’m thankful for memories.

I’m thankful for the childhood memory of building forts in the woods and playing army.

I’m thankful for the teenage memory of having a paper route at 4:00 AM, delivering the Montgomery Advertiser in the rain, sleet, snow, but mostly the darkness.

I’m thankful for the memory of pastoring in Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia. Oh the stories I could tell about those days and the people I’ve meet over the years.

I’m thankful for a job where I can continue serving the Lord.

I’m thankful for friends who read my blog.

And, I’m thankful for you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Time Change)

Time change.

We’ve been in this “new time” for a week.

Funny how we complain about “losing” or “gaining” an hour. Unless you live in a few places, where they don’t participate in the time change, you’ve been adjusting your body to the new time.

I’m thankful for the time change.

Around our house, the day starts at oh-dark-thirty. Well, actually, 5:15 AM. Too often, we leave home before daylight.

Then, coming home, the sun is glaring in my eyes.

Now, we head out in the light! And, come home with the sun setting.

I’m thankful for the time change.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Freedom)

I’m thankful for freedom.

The freedom I enjoy was given to me.

I’ve done nothing to deserve it or receive it.

Men and women, in uniform, have paid the price for my freedom.

Others died. Sacrificed. Given so much.

All so our nation could be free.

So that people could occupy Wall Street. March on the White House. Vote. Or, stay home on election day.

Strange how freedom works like that, isn’t it?

In the United States we aren’t required to do much.

We are free to choose.

We are also free to give so that others may be free.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Health)

Today, I’m thankful for health.

After a few days watching my son suffer through a stomach
virus, I’m thankful that his health is returning to him.

We are so blessed that Evan is healthy.

At the doctor’s office yesterday, the nurse went down the
list: allergies, long-term health issues, any reoccurring problems. Thankfully,
the answers were no, no, and no.

This week reminded me again that watching my child suffer is
the worse experience possible.

At any step, I’d take Evan’s sickness upon myself.

I’d spare him of any pain.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

I’ll just love him through whatever comes.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Veterans)

I’m thankful for veterans.

Women and men who served our country.

Protecting freedoms.

Guarding our shores.

Following the orders of the Commander-in-Chief.

They seldom questioned orders. They simply did as they were
told. Boldly. Bravely. Unapologetically.

I grew up in an era where serving in the military wasn’t popular. Wars had taken a toll on the American public. Those wars caused Americans to
even turn against our soldiers. Jeering them instead of cheering.

Those soldiers came home from war, not as heroes, but as villains.

May that never be the case again!

May we honor all who serve our nation.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Priorities)

Today, I’m thankful for priorities.

Confession time. I haven’t always been good at setting priorities. Many times over the years, I’ve put less important things first.

You know. Things like work.



I put demands ahead of importance.

Honestly, I still struggle with knowing what’s most important. But, I’m better at it.

It’s amazing how many people don’t want you to put the right things first. Those people pull at you to choose what’s important to them. They want their priority to be yours.

Well friends. Set your own priorities.

Then, know I’ll be doing the same for myself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (George Hinson)

Today, I’m thankful for George Hinson.

Do you know George?

Probably not. After all, he died in 2007. At the age of 104.

But, I promise you, you know something George did.

George Hinson invented the twist tie. At the age of 20.

You know that little tie that is used to close your bread to keep the air out?

Yes, that little tie.

George Hinson isn’t a household name. I get that.

But, his invention is in probably every home in America!

I’m thankful for inventors! For those men and women who use their skills to improve our life.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Tuesday)


I’m thankful today is Tuesday.

Yesterday was catch up day from the weekend: emails, phone calls, mail.

Oh, and there were the meetings.

Today, only 1 ½ hours of meetings. The remainder of the day I get to focus on manuscripts.

I get to read today.

I realize for most people reading doesn’t sound like work.

If you are reading for pleasure, it isn’t. However, as an editor, my reading is for work. It is detailed work.

Spelling. Grammar. Context. Theology.

Can’t miss a thing.

While challenging, work reading is good. And important.

Hello Tuesday! I’m thankful you’re here!

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Mondays)


For some people, it seems wrong to be thankful for Mondays.

Almost stupid.

But, today, I’m thankful for Mondays.

I did say today.

I don’t know I can always say that I’m thankful for Mondays.

After the weekend with family. Doing what I want to do. Enjoying some down time. Experiencing only the stress that comes from being a husband and dad.

But, today, I’m thankful for the start of a new week.

A new week of opportunities. A new week of meeting new people. A week of experiencing new things.

Newness. That’s why I am thankful for Mondays.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Weekends)

Today, I’m thankful for weekends.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I work for weekends.

But, that wouldn’t be far from the truth.

For years, weekends were just another part of the week. I found myself working Saturdays and Sundays.

Seven working days a week make for long weeks.

I learned (the hard way) that plan really isn’t a good one. No matter who you are. Or, how important the work you are doing.

We need a little down time.

God knew that from the beginning. That’s why He instructed us to rest.

I’ll honor His instructions today!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (No Dreams)

Today, I’m thankful for not having dreams.

Yes, I worded that correctly. No dreams.

Over the last few weeks, due to a case of poison oak and then “almost” having strep, I’ve been on a couple new medicines.

Apparently, I don’t handle new medicines well. Not in the least.

Especially at night.

When I should be sleeping.

You know that time of replenishing your body, relaxing, rest.

Yes, those times. The rest that has alluded me for nearly a month now.

All due to dreams. Vivid ones. Frightening ones. Never-ending dreams.

The meds are finished.

So maybe are the dreams.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Humor)

I’m thankful for humor.

Good humor. Bad humor. Any humor.

Humor makes the day more enjoyable.

It seems some people have lost the ability to have a sense of humor. They rarely laugh. They rarely are in a good mood.

And, often, they resent anyone else having a sense of humor.

I figure that if having a sense of humor was important to Jesus, it should be important to me.

It was Jesus who talked about a log in your eye compared to the speck of sawdust in another’s eye.

I know Jesus laughed.

I want to laugh more too.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Mrs. Askew)


As an editor, I spend more time each day sitting at my computer than I anywhere else (attending meetings would be a close second).

I type and read for a living.

Sounds romantic. Reading for a living. Until you see how much.

The same with typing.

Typing isn’t rocket science. I rarely break a sweat doing it. Truth be told, I don’t even think about the keys I’m hitting. It just comes naturally at this point.

Today, I’m thankful for Mrs. Askew, my high school typing teacher.

At times, she drove me nuts!

But, she knew how to motivate!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Month of Thanksgiving--100 Words (Leaves)


As November begins and attention turns toward thanksgiving and being thankful, I want to share with you a few things for which I am most thankful.

As I drove into work this morning I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful red, yellow, and orange colored leaves dotting the hillside and yards.

I love this time of year! I love the changing seasons and cooler weather.

I love the changing and falling leaves.

I love Fall, I guess my favorite season next to Spring.

So, bring on the leaves. I’ll gladly mulch, mow, and even rake.

I’m thankful for leaves.