Monday, November 17, 2008

They Just Keep Showing Up Out of No Where!

The feet are back! Or, should I say, the foot is back!

Several months ago, I featured several blog posts about feet that were turning up along the British Columbia’s coast.

Well, another foot has washed up on British Columbia’s south coast, the seventh to be found on the province’s beaches since August 2007.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Annie Linteau confirmed that human remains were inside a New Balance running shoe spotted Tuesday afternoon. “My first reaction was this was a small size, maybe a woman’s shoe,” said Ken Johnston, who fished the shoe out of the Fraser River off Richmond after his wife spotted it while walking their dog.

One right-foot New Balance running shoe—the only one belonging to a woman—has been found since the first foot was located on Jedidiah Island in Georgia Strait on August 20, 2007. That shoe turned up May 22 on Kirkland Island in the Fraser River, not far from the site of Tuesday’s discovery. All the other feet were found at several sites on or near Georgia Strait, including remains in a shoe found in August in Pysht, Washington, about 30 miles west of Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula.

Police have determined that two of the shoes—found February 8 on Valdez Island and June 16 off Richmond—are a match. DNA testing linked one foot to a depressed man who disappeared in 2007 but the other remains have not been identified.

Authorities say it appears that all of the feet separated naturally from bodies as they decomposed in the water.

I don’t know why I am so fascinated with this story, but I am. Maybe it is like watching a train wreck, you don’t want to look, but you’ve just got to look. I’m really curious about why these feet keep washing ashore. Where are they coming from? Why are there so many bodies in the waters off British Columbia? Who put them there? How did the people die? Is one of the feet from Jimmy Hoffa? How about D.B. Cooper?

Oh, inquiring minds just have to know!


  1. I think the clue to solving this whole thing is for the law enforcement people to start putting one foot in front of another and taking it a step at a time.

  2. Very good Bill...I'm always amazed how quick witted you are so early in the morning!

  3. I'll have nightmares of that picture alone!! What are you? Stephen King's protege?

    There must be a serial killer who has a foot fetish. Disgusting and, I'll agree, fascinating.


  4. Well thank you Steve (if you meant that as a compliment) :) You missed my wit I know!!

  5. Bizarre! Do they find the feet because the shoes float? Very weird indeed!

  6. Bill, yes, a compliment for've been missed...and so has your wit!

  7. Rick...don't be silly...hope just glide along...haven't you seen Michael Jordan play basketball...

  8. I've heard of people with a foot fetish, but I think this one might need counseling...

    What I'd like to know is where you found such a freakishly odd picture of a foot shoe!!! It's kid of cool looking, in a creepishly disgusting sort of way.

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