Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ugly Is Only Skin Deep

I know. I hear you. I especially hear Heidi groaning over the picture above. Sorry about that. But, to tell the story, you’ve just got to see the picture!

This is a sad tale or is that tail? I guess it could be both. You see, a one-eyed, three-legged dog that won the title of world’s ugliest pooch this summer has died.

The St. Petersburg Times in Florida reports that Gus, a Chinese crested dog, had cancer. He was nine years old.

Gus was rescued from a terrible situation and went on to win the annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in northern California.

Gus came from humble origins. According to the fair, his adopted family in Gulfport, Florida, rescued him after learning he was being kept in a crate inside someone’s garage. He had one leg amputated because of a skin tumor and lost an eye in a cat fight.

Now, the best I can tell, the picture above was taken BEFORE Gus’s death; however, knowing how ugly he was in life, could he really look much worse in death? I don’t know. Well, his eyes are open in the picture…hopefully, someone would have closed them if this was taken AFTER his death.

Gus, if there are dogs in heaven, I really hope you go there. You do deserve a new body (if dogs get new bodies, and if they go to heaven). If you do make it to the golden streets, I’ll try to remember to look you up with I get there—I’m quite sure it will be far better than anything you’ve experienced here.

I just hope your new tongue will stay in your new mouth! The tongue hanging out—isn’t a good look! Not even for the world’s ugliest dog.


  1. What is wrong with you??????
    That dog is ADORABLE!!!!


  2. And all babies are really, really, really beautiful...okay, Mrs. Heidi...pregnant mom...use your real glasses and not your hormonal ones!

  3. I'll bet the guy from India wouldn't marry a dog that looked like this!

  4. Rick: ROFL!!!!!!!! I need to get offline now. You made me laugh till I cried.

    Good bye you goons!


  5. Okay get the award for the best comment today...maybe even this week!

    Sorry Heidi that he made you laugh so hard...not really, you needed a good laugh...after your trip to Quest earlier this week!

  6. I've got to jump in here as a proud owner of the Chinese Crested's cousin, the Xoloitzcuintli.
    Yeah, un huh - spell that! ;-). Pronounced "show-low-eats-queent-lee" or "show-low" for short, it's also known as the Mexican Hairless. The Xolo, Chinese Crested, and Peruvian Hairless breeds go WAY back to the Aztec and Inca days, and perfect for those with allergies - no dander. As a bonus, they don't have flea or tick problems, either. They are great for therapy (like elderly folks), since they're warm-blooded animals, most folks don't realize the hot-water-bottle effect when they cuddle on your lap. They are great alert dogs, highly protective of their family.

  7. And in defense of the tongue, they were bred that way - front teeth and back molars, but not the "front" molars, so the tongues naturally hang out. The more relaxed they are, the longer it hangs out.

    The drawback - he's a VERY messy eater. Because the tongue goes in his mouth at a sideways angle, the food goes everywhere. Like a little kid, he's often got it in his hair, his eye, the wall, the floor - even with 2 placemats to minimize the splatter! ;-)

  8. Will...thanks for the information...however, that may be more than I really needed to know...Sorry, but the dog isn't that attractive...I'm sure they are sweet and wonderful and warm to sleep next to...however, looks, well, they are kind of tough to look at, at least from my perspective...

    And the mess when they eat...another great selling point! I'm not sure you'll be asked to write the marketing copy for people trying to unload these dogs...

    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    Okay I being unfair?


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