Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday.

She probably wouldn't want me to tell you how many birthdays she has had.

I don't know why I don't tell you, because my mother and father don't blog. They've never read my blog. Others in my family and associated with the family do read it, but never comment on it. I guess they are like little sponges--they just soak in the good stuff--when the good stuff is here!

Well, my parents never will read my blog. They just aren't into that.

Now, they love to look at Evan's photos online! And, they've gone through dozens of containers of ink and reams of paper printing out those photos from his blog.

Blogging is another matter. I don't think they see the purpose in it. Sometimes, I don't know that I see the point of it either, but my blogging family sure is fun to keep up with!

Even though they don't read my blog, that's not going to stop me from wishing her a happy birthday!

I've already sent a card. And, at some point today, I'll call her and wish her a happy birthday personally. We'll see them around Thanksgiving, so they won't have to go too long without seeing Evan (and you know they'd rather seem him or me and the Mrs.

Oh well, happy birthday Mom! Hope you have a wonderful day. And, for any family members reading this, be sure to tell her I remembered! And, it's on my blog, in case they are interested!


  1. Families are hot or cold about blogging, huh? My sister blogs. She reads mine. I think one or two other siblings of mine read it too (but never comment). My parents don't. One of my sisters thinks anything internet is silly (yet she has a Facebook account -- go figure). Anyway. Blogging isn't for everyone, but there are MILLIONS of people who do it so don't feel so bad.

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Heartsill!!!! You sure raised a fine young man. (and yes I'm saying this even though you won't see this blog post or any comments) :)

    Heidi Reed

  2. Love them while they are here Steve. My mom has been with jesus 4 1/2 years now. There are still times I want to call her. As for Evan and the g-parents: speaking as better make dang sure they get to see him or I may have to come over there, down there or wherever there is and whoop on you. All in blogging love of course.

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs. Heartsill! If you were to read your son's blog you'd know that you had just been prayed for and given thanks for too. Okay Steve - since she doesn't read it - it's up to you to tell her that!

    Bill - "All in blogging love of course" - absolutely and brotherly and sisterly love too in Christ!

  4. Happy birthday !

    My Dad reads my blogs faithfully everyday but never comments. I'm very flatterred.


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