Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Well-Deserved Recognition

Are you familiar with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)?

They are a great organization! And, now their efforts have been recognized. MAF was awarded a 2008 “Passion Award” by the Servant Christian Community Foundation (SCCF) earlier this week for its outstanding commitment to furthering the Gospel.

The prestigious award was presented to MAF during the “Thurman Mitchell Servant Leadership Celebration,” which was held at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas.

“We are elated to receive this remarkable award,” said Ghislaine Benney, director of development for MAF. “SCCF is committed to helping people give creatively and efficiently. We are thankful for the services they provide, not only for ministries like ours, but to ministries all over the world.”

This marks the seventh year for the Thurman Mitchell Servant Leadership Celebration. The award was named for a beloved Kansas City leader and public figure, Thurman Mitchell, who served as a popular television news reporter for KCTV for two decades. In 1998, he became a full-time pastor and founder of Urban Youth Leadership. He also was an instrumental part of forming the Kansas City Alliance of Urban Ministries.

Connie Hougland, SCCF vice president said, “The real standout about MAF is its commitment to the Gospel—to do whatever it takes—and the resource it is to other ministries. It’s not just about them. It’s about how they partner with other ministries and help and empower others. Being in 27 countries, they also have a broad reach. And their ministry is fiscally responsible.”

Did you read what Ms. Hougland said? “It’s not just about them…” What a great statement to be said about a ministry, any ministry, any Christ follower. “It’s not about you!”

For you see, in truth, what a believer does isn’t about him or her, it is about the King they are following. It isn’t about us!

How I wish that could be said more about each of us. When someone looks at how you live, may those onlookers say, “There’s something different about them! I wonder what it is!” The answer: Jesus! When someone comments about your servant heart and question: “Why do you do what you do? Answer: Jesus! When a neighbor or coworker says, “You don’t live like I do.” Reason: Jesus!

I hope today someone will say: “It’s not about you—it’s all about Jesus!”—and you will take that as a compliment! Because, it will be!


  1. MAF has been around a long time Steve. They deserve this recognition for a job well done. DeGarmo & Key once sponsored them on a tour. Bernard has a link to them on his blog. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. May we all "Never glory except in the cross of Christ." Gal.6:14

  2. Yes, they've been around for ages...and probably have received other awards...just not enough for the job they do! I'm sure the awards are special, but certainly not sought after...

  3. We also loved the MAF folks! They were a joy to be around and always had a heart for service.

    Praise the Lord for MAF!

  4. Bernard and I support MAF, and will be having a MAF missionary come and speak at our church in November. The work they do is truly wonderful! If ever Bernard and I are called to the mission field, I would love to work with them

  5. First I've heard of them. Thanks for the post.


  6.'ve hit the nail on the proverbial head!

  7. Karma...for some reason, I could see you and Mr. B. doing just that!

  8. Heidi...glad to give you a "brief" exposure to this group...they really are a wonderful missions group serving our world...

  9. I suspect that many people would be amazed at the cost of mission aviation. Pilot trainees have to come up with something around $50,000 just for training, and they basically have to raise all their own support. That's in addition to living expenses. The airplanes are incredibly expensive. Maintaining them is incredibly expensive. It takes two or three people at a station just to deal with one airplane, and those are HIGHLY skilled people.

    On top of that, it's dangerous work.

    There aren't many successful "non-denominational " missionary efforts in the world, but MAF is definitely one that deserves praise.

  10. Bernard, you are spot-on with your comments. I had a friend who was involved with MAF. I knew he had to raise his own support and the costs for the ministry were incredible. However, he loves what he is doing and knows that he is serving the Lord every day!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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