Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Like A Fox, Literally

Last Wednesday night, the youth program at a South Carolina church was interrupted when a fox burst in and attacked three people. Now, you don’t see that happen every day, do you? Thankfully!

The bite victims are now waiting to see whether they’ll need to be treated for rabies after the Wednesday night incident.

The Herald-Journal of Spartanburg, South Carolina, reported that a woman opened the door of the family life center at Liberty Baptist Church in Inman to lead youth group members to the main building when the fox pounced. The animal jumped on the skirt of Pastor David Duncan’s 20-year-old daughter, Alicia Duncan, and its teeth scratched her legs. Two other people were bitten.

Several people tried to scare the fox outside and had to use metal chairs to hit it. Officials say the animal was hurt when officers arrived and it died shortly thereafter.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control was conducting tests to determine if it was rabid.

There’s a show on TV called “When Animals Go Bad” or something like that. Well, this story probably should find its way to that show!

Well, there’s good news here, I think. Too often, when experiences like this happen, someone in the church will blame the pastor for letting it happen. “If the pastor had done this,” or, “If the pastor had done that, none of this would have happened.” I hate that the pastor’s daughter was bitten, but hopefully, no one will think he caused this incident to take place! Surely that won’t happen. Not with his own daughter being bitten!

Ever had anything like this to take place in your church? Care to share the story with the rest of the blogging world?

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