Friday, November 7, 2008

A Dose of Reality

I will admit something to you. I do not like Tim Robbins. Do you know the name? He’s an actor and lives with Susan Sarandon. He won’t marry her, but cohabitates with her. There aren’t many people in the world that I really don’t like, but he ranks at the top of the list.

Why? Well, Mr. Robbins is an actor and well-known liberal activist. And, he always seems to have to have his way—no matter what. And if he doesn’t get his way, the threats start.

Well, apparently, Mr. Robbins didn’t like the way he was treated on election day this year. According to reports, he became enraged when officials at his usual polling location in New York informed him that his name was not on the register. Polling authorities asked him to fill out a provisional ballot instead of using the machine.

But, Mr. Robbins refused. His reasoning? Simple. He said that he doesn’t trust paper or affidavit ballots because “oftentimes those things get lost or thrown away." So he did not submit his and asked to speak to a supervisor.

Next, Mr. Robbins stayed in the voting place and asked to see someone from the Board of Elections. He told the poll workers that he wasn’t going to leave until someone from the Board of Elections came and explained to him why he wasn’t being allowed to vote—why his name had been taken off the voter rolls.”

The supervisor called a police officer called over. At that point, Mr. Robbins screamed, “Are you trying to intimidate me?”

Mr. Robbins wasn’t about to give up so easily. He was so determined to vote, that he went all the way to the City Board of Elections to obtain proof that he was a registered voter.

Here was his reasoning, in his own words: “While I was waiting, according to poll workers, 30 people in the first five hours of voting have been taken off the rolls, so you do the math on that. Six per hour, per district across America…If anything it seems like a random thing, but in randomness there are numbers. And there have been in the past. This is just one example of how difficult it is to vote in the United States.

Well, I’ve got some words of wisdom for Mr. Robbins—try voting in Iran, or Russia, or Venezuela. If he thinks it is so tough here, go somewhere else. I really tire of these Hollywood actors and actresses threatening people because they are so “famous.” The threats ring hollow now. How many times can they threaten that they will leave our country if this or that doesn’t go their way? Go already. Leave. Take your talents and move. If you don’t love the country and our system of governance, so be it—there are plenty of countries that might accept you. See how much your celebrity status gains for you there.

Am I being unfair? Too harsh? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. He's like nails on a chalkboard. Gets under my skin. Him and Sean Penn. Blech!! And his whining doesn't surprise me. He actually reminds me of my ex-husband. I think I'll go to Barney's website to come back to nice and friendly now. Thanks Steve. ;)

    Heidi Reed

  2. I 100% agree with you Steve. Back when "W" won the last election and all the actors threatened to move to another country if he did, I said then and say now, "Bye." Take your garbage and go somewhere else and then see how "free" you are. Primadona people make me want to upchuck. It would have served him right if he didn't get to vote at all.

  3. Actors really get on my nerves. The whole idea of making millions for being somebody besides who you really are is just absurd.

    There's a little tongue in cheek there, but it is interesting that they say "follow your heart, be who you want to be" while they make their dough impersonating someone else... :)

    On a serious note, there is a principle of note here in that high profile people of all walks suffer from the same disease. James Dobson, to a certain extent, has a problem in this area. I don't think it's "unfair" for musicians, actors, etc., to use their fame to spread the message of what they believe in. That's what "Christian rock" really is founded on - make music that makes you famous so that you have an opportunity to talk about Jesus. A lot of Christians were REALLY happy for Sarah Palin, who suddenly became VERY famous, to use HER "platform" to say things that agreed with "their side". Tim Robbins knows that he has a high profile, and he is using that to advance what he believes. William Wilberforce did much the same thing, it's just that we happen to agree with his viewpoints. Martin Luther King did the same. They used their visibility to advance their agenda.

    What we've got to understand as Christians is that we're just as bad as the "bad guys" when we "want to win". We stir up our churches with doomsday threats of how bad it's going to be if the wrong guy wins, we call people to repent if they voted wrong, we take the sovereignty of God and wash it down the drain by blaming the state of our country on the church, and we leave Christian people feeling hopeless and fearful in hopes that they'll vote the way we think is right. These are widely accepted tactics. We basically teach that "liberals" (a closet church word for Democrat...) are evil and should be avoided at all costs because they will contaminate our churches. We write songs about the state of our country and demand that the church rise up. We make the culture war into a clash of people and we have no love at all for the people who have been deceived and misled by Satan. We don't want them to meet Christ, we just want them to lose the war. Conservative Christianity is TERRIBLY guilty of playing political games. Is it any wonder that non-Christians find no appeal in what we are?

    Gosh, didn't know I had all that to say. Just some thoughts.

    But I don't like prima donna tacticians, either. :)

  4. Heidi...I'm thrilled I could help your day start off so good...:)

  5. Could it be that the reason his name wasn't on the list is because he hadn't voted for so long that his name had been removed?

    My words to him..."If you don't like long!"

  6. Bernard...I agree with much of what you have said.

    I am thankful that I am just a nobody. I don't know how I would handle the fame and the attention that comes with it. I hope I would do okay, but who knows until you are there. Thankfully, I'll never face that problem. I'm on the downward side of life on earth--I realize that, and the days for fame and glory have passed by already.

    I do want to comment about one part of what you said. You talked about Christians and churches "stirring up..." I'm not a big stirrer, I suppose. I personally don't believe that kind of stuff belongs in the church, the pulpit, or from church leaders. The church is about being missional--telling others the greatest news we've ever received, that Jesus was born, lived, died, resurrected, and will one day return to take His people home.

    Considering the shortness of time before eternity (and for some of us, that time is getting short), what business is more important for the church than that! I can't think of any. Politics will come and go. Politicians will come and go. Actors, actresses, and even James Dobson will come and go. For the church, we must learn to stop dealing so much with the here and now and deal with the eternity to come.

    Sure, we should address social issues and social concerns. That is appropriate and I believe Jesus instructed us to do so. However, each and every time we do so, we must do it with these words: "Thus saith the Lord..."

    That cuts down on my opinion or your opinion...and keeps the discussion on where it should be--on God. Then, personalities don't matter. What matters is God and His Word.

  7. Maybe it is a local thing, but there definitely some "stirrers" around here -- much to my chagrine. :?

    My question was also why was he taken off? Around here, if you have to live at your address for 30 days, or you get a provisional.

  8. Karma...there are stirrers everywhere. There were plenty here...I've heard their comments on Christian and secular radio. "You will vote for McCain or God will..." (you fill in the blank.)

    God is so much bigger than a stupid election process! He knew from beginning of time who would be president-elect on November 4, 2008. God has not one time before or after that time wrung His hands over Obama's election. God is God. He allowed it to happen. Now, what can we learn from it? For me, I'm going to pray for Mr. Obama and his family. I'm going to pray for Mr. Biden and his family.

    Will I hold him accountable? Sure! Just as I would have done if Mr. McCain had been elected.

    Some Christians really need to get over themselves! God isn't Republican or Democrat. He is God. It's time we listen a lot more to Him and a lot less to some Republican or Democrat or even preacher...Mr. Obama is a flawed sinful am are the people criticizing him. He ain't and will never be the Messiah! There's only going to be one of those...and that was Jesus. By the same token, I don't believe he's the anti-Christ either...unless I see it in Scripture, I don't believe he is.

    Just my thoughts...on this Friday morning.

    I appreciate you and Bernard! I appreciate you guys coming to my blog and reading and commenting! You two always add so much!

  9. In the West African country of Sierra Leone, rebels were intent on insuring their party's president (dictator) would continue to win. In most African countries, you vote by dipping your finger in ink and then spotting your candidates picture. In order to make sure no one voted for anyone other than their candidate, the rebels would cut off the hands and often the arms of those who were not with them.

    A few years ago, a true presidential election was held and people were allowed to vote by dipping their toes in ink and spotting their candidate's picture. The lines were 8 hours long.

    Let Mr. Robbins and his kind first experience this kind of election rigging before they get all "high and mighty" about it.

    The supervisor did the right thing by calling the police.

  10. Rick, what a powerful reminder! I wish I had Mr. Robbins email address. I'd send him that story!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Great post, Steve! It seems like every big election, they find "better and better" ways to drop people or screw up the ballots somewhere. Eventually, we'll hear the national ID battle cry again, as they claim it's "the only way" to prevent the myriad of security and political "glitches" in our current processes. The "chip" won't be far behind.

    It IS coming, it's just a matter of time and the right crisis, so be alert, my brothers and sisters.

  12. Will...always a great comment...thanks for stopping by...


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