Thursday, November 6, 2008

Political Commentary

Over the last few weeks and months, I have tried to stay away from the political conversation that seems to have eaten Americans alive. I saw no real value in sharing my comments or thoughts. You are smart enough to vote and to figure out who to vote for. You don’t need an Internet blogger to tell you about politics. Or, what you need to do.

Over these months, I have watched carefully some of my favorite blogs as the election took place and then yesterday after it was over. I wanted to see what my blogging friends had to say.

As you have time, look at these sites and read some great words of wisdom.

Heidi is a smart, talented, and passionate young woman who is in love with the Lord, her husband, and her children. Heidi shared some of the greatest words I found about the election and the outcome.

Rick is a great pastor! There is no doubt that he has not only a pastor’s heart, but also an undeniable love of missions. Rick shared great insight about God being on His throne. You can’t go wrong reading what he wrote.

Bill may be the most read blogger friend I have. He puts me to shame on how much he reads and how well versed he is on many levels. Bill stayed completely out of the political discussion before and after the election. On the “day after the election” I was greatly impressed with his choice of posts.

SelahV is one of the greatest writers I read online. Mrs. V., as I like to call her, is a passionate woman who is unafraid to share her heart and life. Don't read her site unless you want honesty.

Kevin always writes from the heart and cuff--never really holding back his thoughts or beliefs. See what Kevin was led to write on the day after.

As I said, take a moment to read over the linked posts. If you care to share a thought with them or me, please feel free to do so.


  1. I am always blown away by what you say about me. I usually sit here in my squeaky chair and cock my head sideways (like a puppy) and think "is he really talkin' about me?". "I'm just a punk kid with tattoos" (an Angelina Jolie quote that I actually like). Thanks, Steve. I'm seriously humbled and overcome with shyness when I read stuff you say about me. And seriously, I'm just a punk kid with tattoos. Jesus is who shines. I just hold out the candle so He can light the wick. :)

    Heidi Reed

  2. Heidi...I think Jesus has elevated you slightly above punk kid level...not too far elevated or else you might get the big head!

    You are wise beyond your years. And, above all, I appreciate your passion with which you write. If only more writers had the same passion...and honesty!

  3. I've always been shy with my opinion. :)

  4. I keep hoping that one day you will overcome that shyness!

  5. Thanks for the link love and kind words Steve. I am constantly amazed how God has brought a "blog friend and family" to me.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, son. ( LOL!!!!! )

    Those are some awful big words to have to fill...

  7. Bill and are both welcomed...words were heart-felt, and true!


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