Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here Spot! Here Spot!

This story comes from Portland, Oregon. (Thank goodness it wasn’t Alabama—it could have been, but I am so thankful that it came from the West Coast this time!)

Henry Marcum loves his 23-year-old son, hunting, and his dog. I’m not too sure on the order of his love, I’m just hoping that’s the order.

You see. Henry Marcum’s dog shot his 23-year-old son this past weekend. I don’t think it was premeditated in any way. I don’t think they forgot to feed the dog before going hunting. I don’t think the son had teased the dog, pulling his ears or tail.

Here’s the way the story unfolded. Marcum says his son, Matthew, was standing in Tillamook Bay at the start of duck-hunting trip when his dog jumped into the boat, setting off a 12-gauge shotgun. The blast blew a hole in the aluminum boat before hitting Marcum, who is recovering from injuries to his legs and buttocks at Portland’s Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

Henry Marcum says he's not angry with the dog, and neither is his son.

The elder Marcum says the Labrador named Drake is a good dog and the shooting is “just one of those things.”

“Just one of those things?” Are you kidding me? Rather than being angry at the dog, and unless the dog has gone through hunter safety classes, who could blame the dog, but why not be angry with the dad? The dad had a fully loaded 12-gauge shotgun sitting in the boat, with no safety on, unattended. And more than likely, dad called the dog into the boat.

Maybe, just maybe, the dad needs to attend hunter safety classes. Either that or increase his son’s life insurance policy.


  1. If I was the son I would keep a wary out on my father. I don't have a gun and don't hunt but even I know that the safety is on until you are ready to shoot. Did the boat survive? Maybe he was using his dog and son to get a new boat.

  2. I used to hunt squirrels. And, yes, once killed, they were eaten. (And if you wonder, yes, it tastes like chicken!)

    But, safety comes first. Whether you are alone or with a dozen fellow hunters, you keep the safety on the gun until you are ready to shoot...and only then do you move it.

    Hmmm...I had not thought of the boat angle, but you may well be on to something!

  3. Yeah hunters really do need refresher courses. Goodness!!!! On safety but also the laws. Get permission from the landowner BEFORE entering the property. No driving on the road and shooting. GRRR! And by all means dont shoot it if you are not going to eat it.

    Tillamook. Tillamook Ice Cream. Have you had some already? If not go to Oregon and get yourself some. The Udderly Brown Cow is sooo yum. While on vacation we even had some for dessert with breakfast!!!!! AT 6 AM!!!! Fun memories!

  4. I come from a family of hunters -- deer, rabbit, squirrels, birds, etc. I've eaten my fair share of "game". Some is yum, some is yuck.

    Anyway -- even though I have never hunted I knew about the safety rule. Duh!

    Heidi Reed

  5. Steve,

    You used to HUNT squirrels? I think that is a first for me..

  6. Camey...where have you been all your life? You need to get out more!

  7. Camey,

    Steve's right! Squirrel is Good Eatin'!

    I haven't been hunting for about 20 years now. I miss it. Rabbit hunting was my favorite. I used to go duck hunting with dad. That was lots of fun. In fact, look at my blog later today or maybe tomorrow for a "hunting post".

    But to your post, I think I'd have to fault the father for not keeping the shotgun on safety. That is irresponsible and reckless. However, all things considered, I blame the Democrats.

  8. Rick...only you could tie all of this back to the Democrats...I almost hate to admit it--but you made me laugh!

  9. Well, I'm glad I could accomplish SOMETHING today!

  10. I was a city girl remember??? Where we live currently is the closest to country I've ever been! I swerve to miss hitting squirrels! Especially the ones that are standing up on their hind legs and look like they're waving to me.

    Ohhhhhh!! I'm putting that on my list about Steve and Rick...

  11. Camey...don't risk having a car accident to swerve to miss a squirrel! Don't even wear out your brakes! Just push the pedal to the metal and let the car eat!

    Haven't you see the insurance commerical where the squirrels cause a car to wreck? That is true life stuff there!

  12. I almost hit a squirrel once. I had to drive down in the ditch, but I still missed it!

  13. Well Rick...if you will just work on your driving, I have no doubt that the next time you'll hit it square on!


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