Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Things are Beyond Description

You know, nothing like this story ever happened to me as a kid. Never. That's good, I know.

It appears that a 27-year-old woman has been arrested on charges of distributing harmful material to a minor after a 14-year-old’s parents found a topless photo of her on his cell phone.

Victoria Ann Chacon, a former middle school teacher, allegedly met the boy at their church, where she was a Sunday school teacher. (The story just gets worse and worse, doesn't it?) Authorities at Somerset Independent School District said they found no evidence of any inappropriate relationships with their students; the 14-year-old attended school elsewhere.

The boy’s parents called police in March after finding racy letters in which Chacon professed her love. The boy initially refused to give a statement about the relationship, the arrest warrant says.

Several months later, the parents found a cell phone with a topless photo of Chacon. The phone was owned by Chacon and the two had been calling one another, according to court documents.
The woman was arrested Tuesday.

Sad, really, it is. This poor boy will be changed by this for the rest of his life. Ms. Chacon, well, there’s nothing good to say about her and the damage she has done. Hopefully, she will seek help through this. And, hopefully, she’s take ownership for her actions and mistakes.


  1. I agree Steve. Sad but unfortunately given our moral morass not uncommon anymore.

    I see Evan is celebrating today. What is he celebrating?

  2. Bill...Evan celebrates everyday! He loves life!

  3. Steve,

    Let's be honest. There is a couple of reasons this never happened you to as a kid. The first and most relevant reason is that this kind of technology did even EXIST when we were kids! As you said, you know it is a good thing. It is a good thing for me, too.

    (the second is that who would have WANTED to send us topless pictures when we were 14?)

  4. Okay, are always!

  5. Hey Rick...only 33 days until Christmas!!!

  6. Speaking of red flags yesterday, and now this teacher ignored the obvious...OR she skipped those classes of her teacher certfication training, and thus also failed that segment of her certification test. Should not be allowed to miss any of that section of the test.

    I guess common sense is not common any more...


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