Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What You Talking About Willis?

Say it ain’t so! Sorry, can’t do that. If you can believe the news media, it is so.

Gary Coleman [Diff'rent Strokes fame] has been sued by a man who claims the actor punched him and ran into him with his truck in a Payson (Utah) bowling alley parking lot, causing knee, back, and neck injuries.

Colt Rushton, 24, of Spanish Fork, says he and Coleman got into an argument September 6, after he began taking pictures of the “Diff'rent Strokes” actor with a cell phone. [Now, if my name is Colt, do I really want it known that I was beat up by little Gary Coleman? Seriously!]

Coleman, who is now 40 years old [How can that be true?], was charged with misdemeanor reckless driving and disorderly conduct in Payson City Justice Court. A court clerk said Thursday there had been no notification that Coleman is represented by a lawyer.

In the civil lawsuit, filed Wednesday in 4th District Court, Rushton’s account of the confrontation said Coleman’s bodyguard, Paul Rohbock, told Rushton he would have to pay $20 per picture if he continued taking photos. [Probably a good idea—since Mr. Coleman has had such serious financial struggles in recent years.]

Rushton’s attorney, Dustin Lance, said Rushton stopped taking pictures, but when he later saw Coleman sitting in his truck close to the steering wheel, he thought it was funny and took another picture. [Well, Mr. Rushton, have you seen just how short Gary Coleman is? How else is he to reach the gas pedal?]

The lawsuit contends Rushton was attacked from behind by Rohbock or Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price [that’s bad form on her part, and Gary’s part—letting your wife do your fighting], and that his cell phone was taken away. The lawsuit also contends Coleman punched Rushton in the chest several times. [Have you seen Gary Coleman? Is Colt short? Or, does Gary Coleman take a two-foot ladder wherever he goes? After all, how did Gary Coleman reach Colt Rushton’s chest?]

You know, I don’t really mean to make fun of the situation, Colt Rushton, or even Gary Coleman. But come on folks, this is funny! I can’t really picture Gary Coleman going after someone—but again, he has had a troubled past and all kinds of legal and financial issues. So, I guess the charges could prove to be true.

How sad.


  1. So my uncle got beat up in a health club once by a person with Down syndrome. The guy attacked him fore some reason. My uncle didn't defend himself because of the guy's disability. Strange, huh?

    I would be ticked too if I was GC and someone was taking pix of me because I'm so short. That is rude. The guy might have been saying derogatory things to him as well -- laughing and pointing. I don't know. I think I would have been just as angry as GC. Would I have inflicted bodily harm on the picture taker -- ??? -- depends on the day I suppose.

    Heidi Reed

  2. I'm sorry...if someone attached me, I'd defend myself, whether or not they were disabled in some way.

    Would you inflict bodily harm? Only if they pulled in front of you on the toll road...or got between you and your pizza!


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