Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's A+ Award of the Day

Attorney Willie Gary of Fort Pierce, Florida, gets the A+ Award of the Day.

And, by association, all lawyers get a pass today on the telling of any lawyer jokes! This is only a one-day pass though! Tomorrow, they will be fair game again! :)

Last Wednesday, Willie Gary and radio station X102.3 teamed up to give away thousands of gallons of free fuel to motorists. Cars snaked through the parking lot and out onto the street in front of the WalMart where the gas was given away.

Gary originally planned to give away 102 vouchers for gas, but ended up passing out more than 400!

It took several hours to get everyone through the line and off with their full tanks.

Mr. Gary said, “Just to help someone get gas to go to work, go pick up the kids or take the kids to school, and I have people saying to me, ‘I’ll be able to get my kids out of school tomorrow,’” Gary said. “You know it makes you feel good.”

Gary’s firm pumped 2,162 gallons of regular unleaded gas, worth more than $10,000.

What a great, positive, encouraging story! A+ Mr. Gary, A+


  1. Send him my way. I am in need of some gas help.

  2. My wife and I traveled from our home in Alabama on Saturday through Tennessee to Kentucky. We saw gas prices ranging from $3.53 to $4 plus. It is amazing how gas can range like that...

    It's all George Bush's fault...or at least that's what I keep hearing.

  3. Around here, gas is anywhere from 3.89ish to 4.29ish.

    Of course, that is if you can find any. We are still having gas shortages with most of the stations still on empty.

  4. Willie Gary is a close personal friend of my mother-in-law. He does these kinds of things locally more than he'd admit. Ft. Pierce is the next town north of me. Anyway. He hosts lots of things and does lots of charity projects. He really is a good man. A Christian too.

    Heidi Reed

  5. Thanks Heidi for letting us know about this...I almost feel I know Mr. Gary now!

    I don't know any famous people myself...other than you successful blogger types!


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