Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday's Question of the Day

Back by popular demand (well, Camey at least asked about it!), here's Thursday's Question of the Day:

God grants you five minutes to stand before Him in heaven. You can ask Him two questions, and only two questions. You can thank Him later for salvation and grace. For now, you get two questions. What would you ask?


  1. Oh heck yeah. I like this one!!

    1) What was wrong with my baby that he/she had to die in utero?

    2) Why did you allow so much free will that children have been raped, beaten, murdered, horribly maimed, and sold for sex?

    Heidi Reed

  2. 1. Why did the man commit suicide on my car?

    2. Why was a fortunate to live in such a great family and a great country like the US and others suffer?

  3. My two questions really seem silly compared to both of yours...

    1) Why did You make me bald?

    2) Why did Jesus have to resurrect so early in the morning? (Any pastor who has had to do an Easter Sunrise Service on the Sunday that time changes completely understands my question!) I'm all in favor of Easter Sunset Services!

  4. Awwww. It's a question. Thanks, Steve. And since you asked it on Thursday... I'll answer that way:

    1) Was the trip to the dollar store with the woman to buy her cleaning supplies more about the woman? or the one who watched us in the store and then checked us out? or all involved?

    2) Did you enjoy my singing in the van while waiting for Parker or was it just to make the people in front and behind me laugh?


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