Friday, September 26, 2008

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

In honor of those with comb overs...Happy Friday!

For many years, I had a comb over, not a beard comb over mind you, but a regular comb over. You know what I'm talking about, the parting of the hair just above the ear and combing it over the top. Yes, I know that everyone else but me knew that I was bald. Yes, it was that obvious. But, I was in a major state of denial, to be honest. I guess it was the generation I grew up in. Hair was important! Baldness was not good! Hair was good. Just look at the big hair bands of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. How many bald drummers did you see? Nada. Bald lead singers? Zip. Bald guitarists? None.

Every time I see the commerical above, I laugh. While I was never tempted to comb over my beard, I was certainly tempted to try many other ways to hide the baldness. Finally, the reality hit me--admit it. Get over the vanity. Be bald. Celebrate how God made me. You don't have hair on top, quit trying to pretend you do! In simple words: Stop pretending.

In the end, that's a pretty good way to live your life. Just be who you are. Bald. Hair. Short. Tall. A little overweight. Blue eyed. Green eyes. Black hair. Curls or straight. Left handed or right handed.

Now, don't take this post to mean that you shouldn't exercise. Or eat right. Or take care of yourself physically. That would be shortsighted on your part. Or my part, if that's how I lived my life. It's one thing to take care of yourself so you are healthy. It's something completely different to pretend you are something you aren't.

My words of wisdom for today? Simple. Be yourself. Stop hiding behind whatever mask you've been hiding behind. Stop pretending to be someone you aren't.

What's keeping you today from being the person God made you to be? Is it something inside you? Or, is it something you've imposed upon yourself?

So, what's your comb over?


  1. Interesting video Steve. Ha. I never had the comb over for sure. I can remember trying different ways to deal with the lack of hair. A part down the middle. I perm. Even a little bit of a mullet (although I never carried that very far. Just let it grow a little longer in back) That to me would have been the ultimate "dorkness." But I can't even remember the day that I decided "enough is enough" and said, "Cut it short." I now save money by letting my bride cut it close and only my hatred for shaving keeps me from zipping it completely. But with cycling it is an advantage of not having hair. No helmet hair! Anyway, your advice is good. Accept God's handiwork and move on.

  2. hahahahha. My dad used to have a pair of shorts just like that! He used to wear them to embarrass my mom!

  3. Karma...isn't it amazing what husbands do to embarrass their wife...and dads do to embarrass their children?

    You ladies are so patient!

  4. Bill...I tried too much to cover the top...I tried Rogaine until I realized that I would have to use that stuff (at $40 a month) for the rest of my life! You can't imagine how many bottles of White Rain hair spray I went through...and oh, goodness, not a pretty picture when it rained or was really, really humid!

    And, I do remember the exact moment I had the comb over cut off. It was a lifechanging moment. Honest!

  5. That was funny!!

    Woman (or man) in the mirror. Facing that is sometimes harder than just faking it. However, it is liberating. Good post!

    Heidi Reed

  6. I just can't get over the pun about being shortsighted on my part. Or your part.



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