Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Seeing Believing?

He appears only at night. And always at the same spot: the caravan park fence opposite Shelly Brooks’ cafe in Port Germein township, South Australia. In fact, Shelly was the first person to see him, in 2000.

“I sort of sat there with my husband opposite me and said, ‘Jesus Christ’, and he said, ‘What’s the matter now?’ and I said, ‘Jesus Christ’,” explained Shelly. When Mr Brooks turned round, he saw Jesus Christ for himself, in a shadow cast on the fence by a streetlight and the branch of a tree.

Local resident Sue Perovic said: “It stands out as plain as the nose on your face. He’s got a crown of thorns and the beard and very, very piercing eyes.”

As hundreds of people booked into the caravan park and waited till dark each night to see the image, the local council, sensing a tourist boom, delayed the annual trimming of the tree casting the shadow.

At least Jesus seems to be good for tourism in Australia! Now, if we could only get Him to spend some time in Alabama, maybe our economy would be better.

I could have claimed that the shadow of Jesus was on my backyard fence, of the house that I currently have on the market! Would that help you in deciding to purchase my home from me?



  1. soooo, how do we know that is what Jesus looked like? Maybe he had a stunt double that posed for the pictures of him while he was healing people and stuff.


  2. I thought Jesus tried to tear down fences around people. Why would He want to appear on one?

  3. Maybe that was the Plank Jesus was talking about to get out of our eyes.


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