Friday, September 26, 2008

To Do or To Don't, That is the Question

My wife and I have a busy weekend coming up this weekend.

Tomorrow night, we will be attending her high school reunion. She's somewhat excited about going--not completely, but trying to put on a good face about it. She hasn't seen most of these folks since she graduated!

Me? Well, I won't know anyone there but her. So, I'm sure I'll be the guy sitting over in the corner, with my diet coke or cup of coffee, smiling as people walk by, knowing that they will be thinking: "Who is this guy? Did he graduate with us? I don't remember him!"

Because of the busyness we know is coming, I've been updating my list. You know the list? Many of us create them. We create a list of all the things we need to do. Mow the grass. Run to WalMart. Get gas. Go to church. Trim the hedges. Cookout. Catch up on my reading. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So, I've been working on my list for this weekend. Here's what it looks like before I start.

Since this list is so helpful, I've been thinking about using another such list (the one below):

Be honest for a moment. Which of these lists get most of your time? Which list causes you the most heartburn and stress? Which one do you focus on more? I'll not ask you to tell me what the top "To Do" or "To Don't" would be on your list. But, think about it. Think hard.

In case you are curious (and I know you are), the top "To Do" item on my list is this: Spend as much time with my wife and son as possible.

My top "To Don't"? Don't waste time being negative!


  1. Since my bride works full-time and our evenings lately have been full (I am even having a special leadership meeting on my day off) my Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon will be reintroducing myself to her. One of the small groups is going to Texas Roadhouse tomorrow evening (Yum salmon) and then seeing "Fireproof" and we have been invited to join them. My "To Not" list is to put off/delay/pawn off any physical outside work so I can be with her. Now that's a tough isn't it?

  2. My to do list is get kids to their games this weekend. And make sure hubs is getting back on his feet.

    On my not to do list is not to catch whatever crud he and the daughter have.

    Have fun at the class reunion!


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