Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday's A+ Award of the Day

Today’s A+ Award goes to Mr. George Hood. I’m not sure exactly where Mr. Hood lives, all I know is that he lives in Illinois. I know. Big state. But, anyway, Illinois.

For 85 hours recently, George Hood focused on nothing but pedaling his bike. He was allowed a five minute break for each hour of pedaling completed. (In my opinion, not nearly enough!) However, other than that, he was on a mission to pedal and pedal and pedal some more.

What he was racing toward wasn’t really any particular location; after all, he was pedaling on a stationary bike.

What he was after, however, was a successful fundraising drive for the Illinois chapter of COPS, an organization specifically designed to help the families of slain police officers.

He raised $25,000 for COPS!

A+ George Hood. A+.

What a great idea and a great accomplishment. I haven’t done much lately to show my appreciation to those who protect me day in and day out. I need to find something to do for them.


  1. I think Steve it seems much easier to remember the military people overseas than it sometimes is remembering those in our own backyard. Good reminder.

  2. Thanks for commenting Bill...

    I think you are correct in your observation...

  3. Makes walking to my mailbox less of a chore.

    A hero in our midst. Awesome!


  4. Do you grade on a curve or is it sliding scale?

    Free meals are always a good ticket! Next time you see an officer in line.... there ya have it.


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