Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heart Attack

Monday, October 13, 2008, will go down in my life as "one of those days." Do you know the kind I'm taking about? It will be like the day the space shuttle exploded and Martin Luther King, Jr., was murdered. While the history books will not note any thing significant to October 13, 2008, me and my family will.

My son's daycare was closed on Monday, so I took off work to be with him. We were having a great day. We had gone grocery shopping at Wally World. We had done a few "honey-do" list items. Evan had taken two good naps that morning and was getting ready for his next nap, probably to come around 2:00 PM.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to his 2:00 PM nap. At 1:30 PM, I began experiencing pain in my chest unlike anything I've ever felt in my life. Within a couple of minutes, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt what was happening--I was having a heart attack.

Needless to say, the last few days have been weird days. I am finally at home this morning and am feeling pretty good, considering where I've been the last few days.

In the weeks ahead, I have no doubt that I'll fill in the details of what all took place. Let's just say that I'm okay and the doctor has given me a fairly good report.

Some of you knew a little of what was happening...others just thought I'd given up on blogging! So much for your wishful thinking! :)

If you knew what was happening and prayed, thank you! God pulled all of the pieces of the puzzle together for me and caused miracle after miracle to take place during the entire process. What do you do with an 8-month old, when you are alone with him, and having a heart attack? Thankfully, God took care of that for us.

If you are just now reading about this, and are a praying person, I'd appreciate any and all prayers. If you would, please keep my wife, Tonya, in your prayers. She has the difficult task of dealing with me for the next few days! That's not going to be an easy job!

I'll be back blogging soon. I'm kind of grounded to the house until Monday, when I hope to return to work.



  1. Steve: I had a horrible feeling about you for a few days. I have been praying blindly, but knowing that God knew exactly what you needed. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I am glad you're home and I hope you will be fine and back to normal shortly. God bless!

    Heidi Reed

  2. Thanks for the update Steve. Prayers have been and will continue for you, Tonya, and that little boy.

    Teary-eyed in Texas!

  3. Heidi and Camey...

    Thanks for your prayers...I have no doubt that your prayers went a long ways into me being where I am today!

    God is are good blogging friends!

  4. Steve: count me in on those praying for you. Camey told me your FB had some folks saying they were praying for you so I joined them (not the FB but the praying). Thanks for taking the time to update us and prayers will continue in earnest for you, Tonya and Evan. Blessings my blogging friend. Glad you are ok.

  5. So glad to know that you are alright. Like a lot of the rest of us I didn't know what was wrong, just knew something wasn't right. I was definitely sending a lot of prayers your way. Heart attack? I hope it wasn't them bikinis in the Kid Rock video! Love ya man, get some rest and get better!

  6. Hey Steve? Don't you think you're going to extreme measures by having a heart attack to get Bill on FB?

    Bill: See how great FB be can in times like this with Steve?

    Bub: That was funny and sweet. And I'll see you on FB too if you accept me.

    Rest, Steve. Rest! Do what Tonya says... lol

  7. Bill on FB would be a miracle! are too funny...and those bikinis may just be God's way of punishing me for putting that video on my blog! Fortunately, Tonya hasn't looked at that day, she hasn't said, "See I told you so!" But, friends...those words are coming!

  8. Steve,

    Man, I'm sorry I've been working so much I didn't even see this until now. I will be praying for you.

  9. aaaacccckkkkkkk -- be careful and take care of yourself. heart attacks are not fun, and they aren't to be played with. we're praying for you!!!!

  10. Bub: ROFL!! You said exactly what I was thinking, man (about the bikinis). I wasn't sure what kind of laughing mood Steve was in so I didn't tease him about it. LOL!!!

    Too funny!


  11. I was becoming concerned on the lack of posting! Soory to hear about the scare you had. Will be praying for you and yours.

    Take care.

  12. I was wondering why the posting stopped. That's scary. I will definitely be praying for you!

  13. Wow. Back to work on Monday seems a little bit tight, bro.

    Praying for ya.


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