Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Has Officially Arrived

Fall has officially arrived!

My wife is the best decorator in the world. She likes to decorate for spring, summer, fall, and winter. She has the best eye for how things should look and really makes things look festive.

While I love to decorate for Christmas, and that is my favorite season of the year, my wife loves to decorate for every season or no season in particular.

And, she's great at doing it! Here's a picture of our fireplace in our family room.

So, as you can tell, fall has arrived at our house, even though it is nearly 80 degrees outside, it is fall time inside!


  1. Simply beautiful.. Did you notice the guy doll has more hair than you Steve?

    (Great job T!)

  2. That reminds me of something a woman said to me this morning, "Wow Camey! Look how long your hair has gotten since the last time I saw you." I proceeded to tell her I got 4 inches cut off a few weeks ago.. She then says to me, "Good to hear that other wise you'd be sitting on your hair too and not just your hands!" (Okay.. my hair wasn't THAT long but still darn funny.) I have never denied using my hands to talk.. I'm a work in progress...

    Want some of mine? It looks like it would go well with your beard... lol

  3. Well, normally, but I've shaved my beard off...see the blue picture under the "Just Who I Am" section...that's more current. I had the beard for 10 years +...but, it was looking a little too, it was just easier to shave it off...

    I think my wife is holding a raffle on when I might grow it back.

  4. WAIT! Hold the phone... "It was looking a little too gray... so, it was just easier to shave it off.." Who knows?? if you grew it back - your son might have fun counting the grays in it like Parker does the ones on my head.

    (Mrs. Steve - I'll take a raffle ticket please!)

    Steve - better for the Mrs. to hold a raffle than a rifle. Just sayin'...

  5. Your plan only works if he can count by 10s or 100s...

    Before long, I'm afraid kids would be coming up to me at the mall and telling me what they want for Christmas!

  6. Hahahaha.

    I can't shave/cut my gray hair -- well, I could, but then I would have ever increasing bald spots!! Fortunately, my hair is a dark ashy blond that doesn't show gray easily.

  7. If you did shave your head, then you and B. would almost match!


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