Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Gospel According to Oprah

Take a moment to watch this video, it is only a little over two minutes long. These are her own words. After watching the video, please come back and share your thoughts about the richest woman in the world, and the person that some would say is the most influential woman in the world.


  1. Oprah needs our prayers.

    I used to watch her every day when Jeremy was a baby. Once she started her series on New Age beliefs, I quit. I haven't given her 5 minutes since then.

    She's confused. She's egotistical. She is lost.

    Heidi Reed

  2. Steve, and this is the lady who endorsed Obama (the messiah of Louis Farrakhan). America needs to wake up. Oprah has fried her brain with all those weight-loss plans and dinner parties with liberal elites. She is dangerous and I am so very grateful for those ladies in her audience who called her out and spoke boldly for Jesus.

    I pray for God to level her influence with His power and Truth. I pray she turns around before it is too late. selahV

  3. That video looks old. I forgot to mention that. Oprah doesn't look like that, she doesn't allow her audience to speak any longer, and all the hairstyles and clothes are out of style.

    Don't get too excited about Jesus loving audience members because Oprah would never know it. However, she does have Christians on her staff. Pray for them to be bold in sharing the Gospel when the cameras aren't rolling.


  4. I do pray for the staff on the Oprah show and for those who surround her every day. She needs a relationship with Jesus Christ. That's the only hope she or any of us have. I pray for that salvation. I pray for her to know Jesus. I pray for her to make a huge difference in our world for the Kingdom and to stop the foolishness she is involved with currently.

  5. Well my bubble just got popped. Thanks for letting me know, Heidi, that there are Christians on her staff. At least she is an equal-opportunity employer. selahV

  6. Steve: IMHO it doesn't matter how old this video is. Oprah is still Oprah. I have to wonder if this was one of the reasons she stopped allowing audience participation. :) I can honestly say I have never sat down and watched "O" and my only exposure to her teachings is by way of print or something like this. She does need our prayers as well as the staff she has that are Christ-followers. Perhaps one of them will have a chance to help her see the Truth. For the record: I do believe the ladies were right.


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