Saturday, October 25, 2008

If You Could, Would You?

It will be faster than a speeding bullet: a pencil-shaped car powered by a jet engine and a rocket, roaring across a desert at 1,000 mph. If all goes to plan, the Bloodhound SSC will break the land speed record by the largest-ever margin, and, in 40 seconds of breathtaking thrust, inspire thousands of British schoolchildren to take their science college-entrance exams.

The car’s plans were to be unveiled this week with work to begin on it soon. 1,000 MPH! That’s a long ways from the current record.

The current record for a wheel-powered car is 458 mph, set in 2001 by brothers Don and Rick Vesco at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the western Utah desert. Rick Vesco hopes to break the 500-mph barrier in the same car in 2009.

So, here’s the question for you. If you could sign up to “drive” this “car” would you do it? Why? Why not?

And, then, if you really want to be bold in replying, here’s another question for you: What’s the fastest you have ever driven?


  1. Hi Steve - haven't been able to read your blog in a while, but I just came and caught up a little. Was shocked to see you had a heart attack, but thank God you're okay!! Isn't it just wonderful how God's taking care? I think it's awesome!! Welcome back to the land of the living ;)

  2. No I would not drive that!!! Yikes!

    The fastest I've ever driven is 100mph. Just had to reach that mark...once. Of course that was in my boyfriend's(Now known has Hubs) cool '76 Nova SS.

  3. No heck freaking no way!! I think my eyes are all buggy just thinking about it. I wouldn't even go watch. Nope. Yikes!!

    Probably around 100 MPH. I used to have road rage. Imagine that. Mild, meek ol' me. Road rage. Never! LOL!

    Heidi Reed

  4. Heidi...road rage...say it ain't so! Never would have guessed you had anger problems!

    Kath...I have always loved the Nova SS...if I had any talent and could rebuild a car, that's the one I would choose!

    Sandie...welcome back...and yes, God is so good!

  5. If someone gave me the chance to drive that car, I'd be all over it like the Tide defense on the Vols today, yo. That would be a blast literally.

    As to the 2nd question, one time there on the backroads near Montevallo I was driving around 100 miles an hour. Not by choice, mind you. A friend of mine was getting married and I was following her and my fiance in another car and this friend of mine was flying down the road. I was supposed to pick something up for the wedding from her and didn't know where she lived. I told her later that she was a maniac. She just laughed.

  6. Yes... "I have a need for speed." (Oh someone please tell me what movie that line is from - I can't remember!) But have not gotten a ticket so far.

    So far? Been stopped a few times. Just didn't drive away with a ticket.

    And before Bill gets me on this... Hi. My name is Camey. I am addicted to speed(ing). I'm working on curbing that habit along with my caffeine!

    Laughter is great for the mind, body and soul.

  7. Glad to hear your confession Camey. You are absolved although if you get a ticket don't drag me into your mess. Is that line from CARS?

    Have no desire to drive this fast. I think the fastest I ever drove was around 90 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A close accident cured me of that fast stuff.


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