Thursday, October 9, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

Dateline: Decatur, Alabama. I hate to report this story, since it comes from my beloved state of Alabama. Decatur is probably 80–90 miles north of Birmingham.

Decatur police say a man accused of attempting to steal electronics from Sears ran to a getaway car driven by his mother. Now, both mother and son are charged with second-degree robbery.

Police charged 40-year-old Angela Wakely Maxwell and 22-year-old Randell Wakely Terry, Jr. in the incident this past Monday. Police Sgt. Rick Archer says a store employee noticed Terry with a Sony Handycam battery valued at $59.99, a $24.99 USB drive, and a $9.99 digital card reader and writer.

Sgt. Archer says Terry struck the employee who attempted to stop him. A bystander called 911 while two employees kept the mother and son at the scene until police arrived.

The two were taken to jail and later released on $5,000 bail each.

You know, mothers do many things. Mothers teach us many things. Mothers get the most cards, phone calls, visits, and gifts.

But, mothers shouldn’t be enabling a son (or daughter for that matter) to be robbing the local Sears store—or any store.

It’s just wrong.

Who knows. Maybe mother and son will be spending a good bit of time together, like 3–5 years, depending on their behavior. Maybe they will be wearing matching outfits, black and white stripes are really in or so I hear. Seems they’ll probably be sharing a lot of meals together and having some quality time without distractions from others outside the family.

Maybe I need to start the F+ Award of the Day. I have a feeling this mother and son deserves the very first award.


  1. Maybe instead of the F+ Awards you have an Only in Alabama Award.

  2. Not funny Michael...we both know this could have happened in Texas just as easily!

  3. That is so sad. Unfortunately, I have several similar stories I could tell about some of my former students. :(


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