Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That's What I'm Talking About!

Last night, Blogger friend Kevin and I were on Facebook at the same time. He passed along a great link to me!

It seems that the state of Alabama will soon have a new tag coming out!

Click here to see the proposed tag. After looking at the tag come on back and comment!

For many years, the state of Alabama has used "Stars Fell on Alabama" license plates. But, thankfully, these will be replaced by the newly designed plate that features a cool pastel-colored beach scene with the phrase "Sweet Home Alabama."

The new design carries the Alabama Tourism Department's "Sweet Home Alabama" theme that was developed a year ago and appears in print ads and television commercials promoting the state as a vacation destination.

As you know by now, I'm a huge "Sweet Home Alabama" fan! It's about time that the state of Alabama caught up with my fanship!


  1. Okay...Bill...I will admit...I don't get your me out here...

  2. I think it should have a lighter. Also maybe we could yell "Freebird!"

  3. Black and gold are Pittsburgh colors

  4. I can't believe you all took off the Rebel flag. Wasn't that your tag before?

  5. Very funny Rick...Ha, the rebel flag was no where on the did say, "Heart of Dixie"...but when that wasn't PC enough, it became "Stars Fell On Alabama" or something idiotic statement like that...

    The rebel flag goes on the back window of the pickup truck, behind the shotgun rack...


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