Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday's A+ Award of the Day

Today’s A+ Award goes to a Ugandan coffee farmer. Here’s his story.

J.J. Keki is the founder and director of Peace Kawomera. Mr. Keki wanted to unite the Christians, Jews, and Muslims in his community. His plan? He decided to form a co-op to sell the coffee they raised and to demonstrate peace to the world.

His neighbors were excited and pleased with his plan. So, they named the company Mirembe Peace Kawomera. Mirembe means peace and Kawomera means that their coffee is quality coffee.

That’s the story behind Mirembe Kawomera Coffee. It all started with J.J. Keki’s dream. J.J. Keki hit the streets, asking Muslim, Christian, and Jewish neighbors to put aside their idealogical differences and create a great coffee with an even better cause.

At this point, Peace Kawomera Cooperative has over 750 members. Because of their collective power, they now sell directly to Thanksgiving Coffee Company and receive four times what they previously made. J.J.’s work has started a chain reaction in the community, as farmers are able to send their children to school, save money, and reinvest.

It’s positive news indeed that something as simple as a cup of coffee can break down religious barriers and help a Ugandan community thrive.

So. Mr. J.J. Keki. You receive today’s A+ Award! Way to go J.J. Way to go!


  1. Interesting how they reinvest in things. Sort of what Chuck Colson talked about in one of his books and about how cleaning up one place will often have an affect of others doing the same. Even though I don't drink coffee this is a good story.

  2. I hope that we hear great things from this company into the they teach us not only how to work together, but also to live in peace.

  3. Coffee smells good. I don't drink it, but I like to smell it.

    And, it is true we can live and work in peace -- even with those we disagree with. Christ did. :)

  4. JJ is a great visionary but he needs our help to make his dream , (which is now his entire communities dream) come true. This is an economic development project in collaboration with my company, Thanksgiving Coffee Company. The Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative members grow the coffee . We here in Ft Bragg, California have to sell it. Last year we purchased all their coffee (112,000 lbs) but sold only 25,000 lbs. under the Mirembe Kawomera label. The remainder we blended into many of our other organic and Fair Trade blends. Help us sell all 112,000 pounds under their label because they receive a $1.00 rebate from each roasted package we sell under their name. Last year they received an extra $25,000 bonus and the coop used that money to purchase some land and to build a coffee warehouse to strengthen their cooperative going forward.
    The story is a work in progress. When you think about coffee, let us be the place you support with a purchase of a truly flavorful coffee that really is as good as the story behind it.

  5. Thanks Paul for stopping by. I hope I gave JJ and your company a positive word today in my post. I admire what JJ is doing, and most certainly what you are doing to assist him and his community. I would be interested in learning more about your work and how others might help.



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