Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's A+ Award of the Day

Today’s A+ Award of the Day goes to the Thanksgiving Coffee Company, based in Ft. Bragg, California.

You may remember that on October 2, I wrote a post about The Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative. After doing so, Paul Katzeff, from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company wrote a comment on the blog. Here’s what Mr. Katzeff said:

“JJ is a great visionary but he needs our help to make his dream, (which is now his entire communities dream) come true. This is an economic development project in collaboration with my company, Thanksgiving Coffee Company. The Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative members grow the coffee. We here in Ft Bragg, California, have to sell it. Last year we purchased all their coffee (112,000 pounds) but sold only 25,000 pounds under the Mirembe Kawomera label. The remainder we blended into many of our other organic and Fair Trade blends.

“Help us sell all 112,000 pounds under their label because they receive a $1.00 rebate from each roasted package we sell under their name. Last year they received an extra $25,000 bonus and the coop used that money to purchase some land and to build a coffee warehouse to strengthen their cooperative going forward.

“The story is a work in progress. When you think about coffee, let us be the place you support with a purchase of a truly flavorful coffee that really is as good as the story behind it.”

Thank you Mr. Katzeff for commenting! And, more importantly, thank you for telling us more of the story-behind-the story about JJ’s work and how your company is supporting his efforts. (Readers, when you go to their site, be sure to read the history of how and why the company started.)

You have gone the extra, extra, extra mile in supporting JJ and his community. For that, I want to give you today’s A+ Award! You deserve it!

Now, it is our turn to go that extra mile with you. As you purchase coffee for the holiday season (or any time), why not think of the Thanksgiving Coffee Company! Show them a little love and support, so that they can continue to help JJ and his dream.


  1. Alas I don't drink coffee. Sorry about that Mr. Steve. But that is so cool that he wrote on your blog. Big time now buddy! Way to go. I think you deserve the A+ awared for focusing on the positive stuff these days.

  2. Mr. worry about the coffee drinking...I'm sure some of your family does! Buy it for them.

    Big time? No way. I'm glad Mr.Katzeff commented and hope he'll be back today...but, I've been seeing my site hits and comments drop since I've been focusing on the good news! Imagine that! Then again, church attendance is never good when things are great...but, after 9/11, they were packed least for a week.

    There is, no matter what the media says, plenty of good news in the world! I'm going to keep looking for it and telling it!

  3. Steve: Don't let the stats get to you, man. No numbers, no numbers!! This traumatic week of self-confession has drawn in unbelievable crowds on my site. It's disturbing really. I am now getting almost 500 hits a day. I've had a few nasty e-mails from "offended" people. I swear I still don't understand how someone can get offended off of someone else's pain, but whatever. Anyway, I have been coming to your site for the breath of fresh air. The positive. Don't stop because of the stats counter. Most people seek the negative. It's weird. I'd rather read the positive. No nightmares that way.

    Heidi Reed


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