Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home is Where the Trouble Is

A Berlin man is in trouble with the police; however, his police and legal troubles may well be the least of his trouble!

Berlin police say that a Swedish man came to them on Saturday claiming to have been abducted from his home in southern Sweden by two men who demanded money and took him to the German city.

Well, as police are known to do, they began doing their job by starting a large-scale search for his kidnappers. But, early this week, police said that the 43-year-old’s story fell apart in questioning.

The Swedish man told police officers that he had embarked on a European tour to get away from marital problems at home. He said he came up with the kidnapping story to explain his absence to his wife—who had reported him missing.

Now, the man is under investigation for faking a crime and prosecutors ordered a $3,800 bail payment.

Going to jail may be appropriate in this case. Paying $3,800 bail is probably justifiable as well. Coming clean to the police is a good start. But, can you imagine explaining this to your wife.

“Honey, I just needed a break…”

“Sweetheart, I was heading home from work and instead of turning left into the neighborhood, I turned right on the Interstate and just kept driving.”

“Darling, I had amnesia!”

"Baby, the devil made me do it!"

Not sure any of those will work in his situation. I’m wondering if he can hire a criminal attorney and a divorce attorney in a package deal, you know, 2-for-1 kind of thing? No doubt, before it’s all over, he’ll probably need both.


  1. Only have one word: Yikes! Or "I'm glad I am not in his shoes!" (that's more than one I know). What is the old saying? "What tangled web we weave..." Says something about telling the truth doesn't it?

  2. Wow! Some people just have too much time on their hands to dream up such a scheme.

    2 for 1? LOL


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