Saturday, October 4, 2008

Clothes with that Sandwich?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch anymore for Black Frog Restaurant patrons nervy enough to run down a dock and plunge naked into Moosehead Lake. Black Frog Restaurant is located in Greenville, Maine.

Owner Leigh Turner decided Thursday to stop giving out a free Skinny Dip sandwich—that’s thinly sliced prime rib on a baguette—for a skinny dip after the town board voted to deny his liquor license renewal application.

In their decision the night before, selectmen in the popular tourist town noted that they would have had no problem granting the license if the promotion ended for the $10.95 sandwich.

Thus, said Turner, dropping the deal was a no-brainer. “Au jus” wins out over “au naturel.”
He had said last year that he had two or three takers a week, and no frontal nudity was exposed to customers. But police said they had gotten several complaints, and three people received summonses for indecent conduct. They have pleaded not guilty. [I’ve always wondered how people could do that—since obviously they were naked.]

Authorities noted that stories about the Skinny Dip had circulated worldwide, and the indecency charge is a misdemeanor, like disorderly conduct. Police Chief Scott MacMaster said he would recommend any establishment lose its liquor license for illegal goings-on.

What do you think? Dropping these “special sandwiches” a good idea?

Or, are you like me, sitting here thinking that we are talking about Maine! Can it really be warm enough to skinny dip and dive into a lake? Well, apparently there are some very brave souls in Maine! But, since we are talking about Maine, knowing that it isn’t that heavily populated, how many people actually saw the naked diners?


  1. 1) It is prime rib so I wouldn't eat it.

    2) I have been told to go jump in a lake and have not yet listened to anyone so why start now?

    3) I have no desire to freeze my uh....butt off so no I wouldn't jump nude into the lake.

    4) I wouldn't want to pay 10.95 for a sandwich so I wouldn't order it.

    5) I respect the police for their desire to uphold the decency law.

    Well, gotta go. Need to eat a breakfast sandwich and then swim at the Y.

    P.S. Don't do a b-fast sandwich or swim at the Y. :) Just sounded like a good way to close. *groan*

  2. Weird contest.

    I'd rather pay for the sandwich. And it better be the best prime rib sandwich on the planet for $11.

    I agree with police. Who wants to see someone's naked butt while dining anyway? Well, I guess some people don't mind or they wouldn't go to strip clubs that serve food. I think it's gross though.


  3. My thoughts are similar to Heidi's. It would seem that the contest would lose the establishment money. First, they have to give away food. Second, the loss of appetite would cut down on orders, because it always seems when I go to the beach or anything, the men and women with the most undesirable bodies wear the least clothing. Ever seen an overweight 70 yo man in a speedo? >shudders<

  4. Shouldn't giving free food to those who skinny dip in Maine qualify one for the A+ Award of the Day? ;)

  5. Michael, I like your idea...will give it the consideration the idea deserves...

  6. Karma...I saw a skinny 70+ year old man wearing a better for that either...skinny or fat...few people should wear a speedo!

  7. are too just love your lists, don't you?

  8. Karma: I live in South Florida. I have seen it all. Blech! However, on South Beach (in Miami) there are some beautiful bods who just about bare it all. I went there once. Once. That was all I needed to convince myself that I am flawed. Blah!


  9. I couldn't do a "skinny" dip; I've have to do a "chunky dunk", but that's another story...

  10. get the A+ Award for the day's best comment! Too funny!


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