Friday, February 12, 2010

Tone--100 Words


Tone is difficult to read.

Whether in a face-to-face conversation. Or, email message. Especially when you tweet or post on Facebook.

143 characters isn’t enough. Sometimes an entire book isn’t enough.

Is he angry? Is she frustrated with me? Did I hurt her feelings? Does he realize I didn’t like what he said?

Does the other person even care about my feelings?

My heart?

You have to wonder sometimes. Or, at least I do.

Maybe I am overly sensitive. I don’t think so.

Maybe I am not smart enough to understand their humor.

Or, maybe they are just rude.


  1. Whoa...powerful grouping of 100 words.

  2. Steve: this is an important post. Tone cannot be communicated by email or Twitter or any form like that. I struggle with sometimes adequately expressing my feelings. Only one on one can it be expressed. Good post.


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