Monday, February 15, 2010

Love--100 Words


Not all 4-letter words are profane. But, this one is certainly profound.

Not difficult to say. But so difficult to do.

How do you love someone more than yourself? How do you put their needs first?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Named after a Catholic saint.

Is such a day really necessary? Seriously.

Or, is this just a plot to sell more greeting cards at Hallmark?

I’m a fan of capitalism, but if it takes a “holiday” to remind us to love someone else, isn’t something wrong?

Shouldn’t we simply love. Today. Tomorrow. Next week.

When you love, you love.


  1. Great point Steve. How much to love 24/7/365 than one day out of the year and acknowledge it then. Good thoughts!

  2. Thanks for all the kind posts you make Bill...It's always nice to come online and see what you've written in reply to my post...

  3. Definitely agree with you & Bill on this one! I was asked yesterday by a couple of the ladies in our church what hubby gave me.. "His love every single day of the year." Of course, for one I threw in, "His love every single day of the year even on the days where he doesn't really like me." The look on her face was funny... then she said, "Oh, I get your point!"

    I have been told numerous times that I could write cards for Hallmark. Nah...


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