Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bald--100 Words


No matter how you try to part it, when you are bald you are bald.

Oh. I’ve seen the bad combovers.

I even tried it myself.

No one (but me) was really convinced I had hair.

A combover only accentuates the baldness you are trying to hide.

So, guys, quit trying.

Women really don’t like combovers anyway. They really don’t.

Be yourself. Your folliclely-challenged self.

I started going bald at 21. I blame my grandfather for that.

Look at it this way. Going bald has advantages. Takes less shampoo. Less hair spray. Less effort.

Life Rule #23: Be Yourself!


  1. I saw that picture and about lost it! My grandfather showed me a picture once when I was letting my hair grow how nice I looked in about 5th grade. My forehead was already high. I parted in the middle, I parted on the side and combed it down over my forehead, I even permed it but nothing was going to stop the reality of a creeping forehead. I now wear it very, very short (my wife just can't let me go totally bald yet but might as well) and like it. No messing with all the extra junk. No worry about hat hair or helmet hair. I can now wear one stocking cap in winter and not worry about static. AND I AIN'T WEARING NO HAIRPIECE! Bald is beautiful.

  2. Bill...this article was just for your morning laugh...of all people who read this, I knew you would get a kick out of it...I know about your short hair--you and I tend to have a similiar hairline...even though I think you have more...and you are correct, no static...no helmet hair...and a quick wash with shampoo or soap, and you done!


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