Friday, February 19, 2010

Fixation--100 Words

[Not our real closet! Not mine. Not the wife's. Borrowed from Google.]


(n) fix-a-tion.

Def: “An obsession or preoccupation.”

I have a tendency to fixate. More than I should.

I fixate on work. Or sports. Or the jerk in the car in front of me.

Or Facebook. Or blogging.

Do you do that?

Fixate on all the wrong things? The crazy things that won’t matter one bit tomorrow? And, if truth be told, don’t really matter right now.

Yet, I do it. Maybe we all do it.

But, that doesn’t make it right.

If I could only learn to fixate more on Jesus and His Word.

Now, that would be good.


  1. Saw the picture Steve. Glad there was a disclaimer. lol. I fixate also. Cycling. Puzzles. Lock 'em and load 'em. If only I too fixated on Jesus more. Good thoughts.

  2. BILL...MY BROTHER!!!! Glad you are up and at them this morning...hope you are getting stronger every day...I've missed hearing from you, but know you've been in my daily prayers!


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