Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Posing--100 Words


A friend shared a Beth Moore illustration with me. Beth has a friend who is a model. The model said it is impossible to “pose” for long in a natural-looking pose. You can’t do it. It’s difficult to look “natural” for long.

As people stand and gawk into a casket, they often say, “Doesn’t he look natural!” I want to shout back, “No! He looks dead! Dead doesn’t look natural.”

Natural-looking is being alive. Upright. Breathing. Laughing. Moving. Eating. Burping. Tripping over your own feet. That’s natural.

Not posed by a photographer. Or undertaker.

Today, stop posing. Be natural!


  1. Good thought today Steve. John Eldredge (Wild at Heart) talks a lot about men who are posers. I haev to be careful of not being one in an effort to be liked or needed. Being real is the only thing to do/be but it is so hard sometimes. As a pastor it raises the risk factor exponentially.

  2. Thanks Bill...I know the feeling. Praying for you today my you continue in your faithful service for the Lord.

  3. this is good... i gave up posing a long time ago... now i just let it all hang out... works for me :)


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