Tuesday, February 2, 2010

God's Hands--100 Words

God’s hands.

“Let’s put it in God’s hands and see.”

That statement was recently made to me by a complete stranger. This stranger had asked a question of me and after reading my response, the person wrote those words.

The question asked wasn’t easy, nor was my reply back to it.

But, I was literally blown away by the response!

If you knew the question and my answer you’d better understand my shock to the stranger’s reply.

Gracious. That’s what the response is! God-filled is another way to express it.

Seldom, do I hear a reply like that. Too seldom.


  1. Sometimes those words are spoken too much like a chiche but when spoken from the heart they are true and meaningful. I think of Joseph's response to his brothers' concern: "You meant it for evil but God meant it for good." Putting it in God's hands is the best (If I can let go long enough).

  2. Bill...powerful verse! Thanks for sharing.

    My fingers are so good at hanging on; much stronger sometimes than my knees bending in prayer!


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