Monday, December 1, 2008

Evan's New Toy

What is it with boys and appliances?

On Thanksgiving afternoon, Evan came to the dish washer and just stood and watched his mother load the machine.

We haven't figured out his love for the dish washer yet, but he obviously is amazed by it.

And, I can hear all of the female readers of the blog, so I'll just save you time! Why do little boys who love dish washer grow up to be men who act as if they've never seen one before!


  1. Hmmmm trying to figure out this conundrum. Perhaps he puts in so much time with the dishwasher as a little boy that he feels like he has "done his time?" Ooooh that doesn't sound right. My answer: I just don't know the reason. My bride says I am much better at emptying the dishwasher than packing it. She says I do it wrong. Is that a reason?

  2. So, Bill, are you saying that you intentionally mess up the dish washer just to get out of doing it?

  3. For my son, it was vacuum cleaners. He was absolutely fascinated with them (until they turned on and then he was terrified).

    When he was about three, my in-laws gave us a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. He was as excited, or more, about that than what he got! "Look, Daddy, a new vroom-vroom!!"

    My daughter doesn't have any kind of appliance-fascination, so maybe it is a boy thing. She does, however, have a completely unexplainable terror of ironing boards. (That's my girl!!!)

  4. Karma...maybe you are right, it is a boy thing. Evan also likes vacuums, until they turn on, then off he goes to his mother for comfort!

    Sounds like you are raising your daughter right, at least by your standards! :)

  5. He's just getting in touch with his "feminine" side...

    REAL early...

  6. What a cute pic of Evan! Hubby does the dishes far better than I ever could.. We're training the boys too. They are all going to make their brides wonderful husbands some day! No, seriously... they even know how to boil water too.

  7. He wants inside it. That's all.

    In another year, he will want to help load and unload it.

    In 10 years, he will only go near it if all the dishes are dirty and the ones inside of it are clean.

    In 20 years, he'll forget what it is even used for.

    Cute picture!


    PS: Gotta go -- I think my kids just undecorated the tree. Grr!!

  8. careful...many of my readers resemble that last remark of yours!

    My wife says I don't rinse off the plates enough before putting them into the dish washer! I thought that's what the disher washer was for!

  9. Rinse them off before putting them in? is that what I am not doing? Like you I think why buy a dishwasher if you gotta wash the stuff first? Actually Steve Jo thinks I load it wrong. I put the stuff in backwards. Little does she know there is a method to my madness. yayayayayaya.

    Karma made me chuckle. Heidi makes hope for her kids.

  10. I can't remember the last time I actually RINSED a dish before it went into the dishwasher..

    Was Nixon president back then?


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