Sunday, December 7, 2008

Practical Christmas Gifts

Since few people read my blog on Sunday and I'm on a roll with showing Jeff Foxworthy video clips, why not take a moment to watch this short 1:17 clip. It may just have a good point.


  1. I was laughing at myself just the other day. When I was a kid still at home I bought my dad...are you ready for this...packs of cigarettes for Christmas. Now, how stupid is that? I can see Jeff Fox doing something with that one!

  2. Oh I see that being a redneck isn't limited to the deep south...even a northern Yankee from Ohio can be a've just made my day!

  3. Know what I want for Christmas? A new fangled washer and dryer combo. Yep! Practical. Ok, well not so practical seeing as how they cost a few grand, but hey at least it's a washer and dryer and not diamonds. Right? Give credit where it's due.

    So, Steve, for Christmas I give you a 24 hour break from reading my blog. I know that's practically ridiculous since I am your finest blog addiction. But don't ever say I didn't give you anything. It's the thought that counts remember.

    Heidi Reed

  4. Heidi...I thought the "woman rule" was that a husband should never give anything that has a plug in it for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  5. It doesn't matter, as most of my current socks could be described as "church socks", that is, they are holey. ;-)

  6. My wife throws out my holey socks...and underwear...just when they are getting comfortable, she claims they are worn out!

    My problem with socks is that I have a half dozen socks right now that have no match! They get lost from our master bedroom to the washer/dryer and back!

    Maybe if I can get one of those fancy washer/dryer deals that Heidi wants, I won't lose socks anymore!

  7. My Christmas gift to myself (as of yesterday afternoon--yes I shopped on Sunday):

    socks (on sale at Marshall's)
    Undewear (on sale at Marshall's)
    Shirt-tie (REALLY on sale at Marshalls).

  8. Steve.... "the woman rule" only applies to any thing that is plugged in that the HUSBAND is wanting for the wife to use to make his life better.. not that the wife wants. Know your rules would ya?

    I wear hubby's socks.. but that's another story..

  9. Camey: Right on!! 'cept I ain't gettin' the washing combo anyway. :(


  10. The problem with the woman rule is that the rule is always changing! It is next to impossible to keep up with all the "Woman Rules..."


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