Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Will Not Be Moved!

I have stumbled. I have fallen. I have failed. I have worried. I have been afraid. I've been mean. I've doubted. I've been less than God created me to be me. I've been nothing like God wants me to be.

But, no matter how terrible my failures, God has given me a solid rock to stand on! That rock is Jesus Christ. My Savior. My Lord. My Redeemer. My Friend. My God.

I will not be moved from that rock. I will hold to it. I will cling to it. I refuse to let go.

Natalie Grant says it far better than I can.


  1. Great song Steve! Thanks!! I have never heard this before (I tend to like rock and NG hasn't fit that bill before). But I do like this one and the message is powerful. Have a great day of worship.

  2. Thinking of you and your family. Praying too. "See" ya soon.

    I wish more Christian groups would do songs like this. I am getting tired of the ballads.


  3. Thanks Bill...I'm not a huge NG fan either...but, this song really spoke to me this weekend...

    Hope you had a great day at your place of worship and that the Holy Spirit revealed Himself in powerful ways!

  4. Heidi...I don't think Bill nor I will disagree with you about the ballads...I know they have their place...but come on already, crank it up!


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