Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do You Smell That?

This story is just in, just in time for your last minute Christmas decorating!

Are you tired of decking your halls with boughs of holly? (Are you not even certain what a bough of holly is?) If so, do I have a solution for you!

A woman at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois, has a new item to use to decorate your tree—reindeer poop!

You know, nothing says Christmas like a tree full of reindeer poop!

According to the Chicago Tribune, Susie Ohley, the marketing director for the Miller Park Zoo, collects reindeer dung from work and takes it home, where she lovingly fashions beautiful Christmas ornaments out of the piles of pilfered poop. And then—and this is the best part, she sells them.

And people buy them!

With actual money.

Quit laughing! Yes, I’m being serious.

Call me crazy, but I can think of a much easier way to decorate one’s tree than with poop! It doesn’t require a middle man or $5. I’m just saying.

After all, we have a dog! Heck, we even have a 10-month-old! We’ve got plenty of poop coming out of that little body!

Anyway, here’s how this woman makes the ornaments. The dung is collected, and then it is dried, painted, and sometimes rolled in glitter (why not). Ohley calls her poop trinkets “magical reindeer gem ornaments.” I guess that sounds better than what it really is!

I wonder, is it too late to place an order that will arrive in time for Christmas. Maybe my blogger friend Phil (who lives in Chicago) could pick up an order and overnight it to me!


  1. Wonder what she calls her business? Poop-do-doop? Or Poop-de-jour? Or Poop on a rope?

    Thanks for the chuckle this morning Steve,especially on the dog and baby comment. And no...I wouldn't buy any.

  2. That is disgusting yet goes to show you that you can sell ANYTHING that glitters.

    Off to clean the van and clear my brain. [shivers up my spine]

    Heidi R.

  3. Well, I guess when the Gatlin's sang that everything that glitters is not gold they knew what they were talking about, huh?

    This would be a pretty crappy thing to hang on your tree. Get it? Crappy.

  4. And here I thought it was only missionaries that talked about poop!

    Actually, it reminds me of a story my mom told me from when she was in nursing school, but that is the subject of a post all it's own, (and probably not appropriate anyway!!)

  5. Bill...I love the "Poop on a Rope" name...that would be perfect!!!

  6. Heidi...glad to send the shivers today...been a while since I have done that to you!

  7. get the award for the comment of the day, so far!

  8. Okay, Rick...clean up the story and tell us...

  9. Steve, where in the world do you find this stuff?

  10. Angie...I love to read...and I read from all kinds of places. I read online news, printed newspapers and magazines, I listen a lot to talk radio...I just gather these stories from countless places...what else would you expect from a writer and editor?

  11. Joe: You made me laugh out loud dude.


  12. Heidi

    Well did I make you snort when you laughed, girl? Cause that's the true test of comedy.


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