Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Morning


Thanks for stopping by.

As you read this I am, well, I don't really know when you will be reading this. If it is December 15, and after 8:00 AM, I am at the hospital having a heart cath performed on me.

I suppose you could be reading this at 1:00 AM on December 15, and hopefully, I am sleeping, even though there's a good chance I am tossing and turning in my bed.

But, then again, you may have stumbled upon my blog on April 12, 2009, and my strong hope is that you will find a few hundreds more posts added since this one posted on December 15!

So, for whatever reason and on whatever day, I'm glad you stopped by my blog site. I don't really know why I blog, well, I have a few ideas of why and what I hope to accomplish. To be honest with you, most days I just like sharing a story or two that will make you laugh, smile, think, or simply want to respond back with a comment or two.

While I may not always understand my purpose in blogging, I do know this about my blog, I love networking with all kinds of people who stop by. Some comment, most do not. Either way is fine with me, even though I really do like chatting with those who comment.

Today, there probably won't be much chatting on my side, at least not on my blog. This morning, I'm heading off to the hospital to have my heart cath (I'm getting old, I've already said that). The doctor said it would happen around 10:00 AM, Central Time. If you are a Christ follower, a prayer would be appreciated, nothing too long, the Lord has many more important things to do today, so just a short one will be fine and appreciated.

I hope to be back home tonight and if my wife will let me hold our laptop for a few minutes, I'll jot a note to you and let you know how I've done. If she won't, well, it will be later before I can communicate. Tonya is rather short, but she really packs a punch!

So, nothing I have shared today will make you smile or laugh or probably even think. But, maybe for just a moment, we shared a moment of our journey together. Our life. Ourselves. Just a piece.

Hopefully, I'll be back shortly. Just being myself. And, enjoying life.

See you.

Either here or There!


  1. It's 2:36 am, eastern time, and I just said a prayer for you because about the time you are going in, my kids will be getting wound up, and to be perfectly honest, I might remember then, and I might not!

    Bernard's cath wasn't too bad. Well, there was one little thing, but it wasn't serious, just "uncomfortable," and he seemed to be pretty good the next day. Of course, he also had open heart surgery the next day, but this is another tell altogether.

    I'm sure you are going to be fine. Just try to relax and think happy thoughts (you know, like m&ms, and things like that!!!)

  2. Got your back my friend. Look forward to hearing how things went for you.

  3. Prayed for you guys at 4:00 a.m. - today - when I woken up to pray! Oh, wait... I pray for ya'll every day any way... ;)

    Sweet pieces of the journey...

    Much love to you guys!

  4. Well, I didn't get to your blog until 10:53. But, I'm praying for you now...

  5. I've said prayers here and there over the past few days -- today was no exception. Thinking of you and your family.

    Did someone say M&M's? Can I just have some freakin' chocolate? I'm not gonna make it today. I'm not. Diabetes or no. I have GOT to eat something sweet.

    Oh, sorry, Steve. Little preggie rant there.

    Bye now.

  6. Steve, while I wasn't able to post it earlier in the day, I was thinking about you this weekend. Rest well, so you can recover quickly - much more important than trying to get an update out tonight!!


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