Monday, December 8, 2008

Are You Really Surprised?

A college student posing as a pregnant 13-year-old was told at a Planned Parenthood clinic to lie about the age of her baby’s father to skirt Indiana laws on parental consent for abortion and on reporting child sex abuse.

According to a report in the Washington Times, Lila Rose, 20, went undercover as a 13-year old named “Brianna,” who said she was pregnant by a 31-year old man. Rose, president of a pro-life organization at UCLA, recorded the interaction with a hidden camera.

The video shows “Diana,” a nurse at Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, Indiana, telling Brianna that she is required to report the pregnancy to Child Protective Services, because it “could be reported as rape.” But she goes on to tell Brianna that if she lies about the age and identity of her baby’s father, she can avoid turning him in.

“I didn’t hear the age. I don’t want to know the age,” Diana says in the video. She tells Brianna, “You’ve seen him around, you know he’s 14, he’s in your grade and whatever. You know what I mean?” The nurse also is seen giving Brianna information on where to get an abortion in Illinois, where parental notification laws are not enforced.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana suspended the nurse on Wednesday, the Times said, and issued a statement. “We are deeply concerned about the content of the video. ... The apparent actions of the employee would be in violation of our strict policies and procedures,” Betty Cockrum, the state chapter’s president, said in the statement. The organization said it would investigate the incident.

While I appreciate the fact that this nurse has been suspended, I do have to wonder just how many times incidents like this go unreported at Planned Parenthood. I would believe that this isn’t the first time this nurse gave this same advice—to lie, to do whatever was necessary to end an innocent baby’s life.

I suppose if you can justify murdering a baby, then lying about the father’s age is nothing!

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  1. This is a scary one Steve. And sadly it is my neck of the woods. I have to wonder about the actions of the parent organization though. Tell kids to do this but...don't get caught or we will disavow we know you. Hmmmm.


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