Friday, December 26, 2008

Does "O" Mean Obama or Oprah?

Is Oprah Winfrey going to be part of Barack Obama’s kitchen cabinet? Or is she just looking to buy her own kitchen cabinets?

The talk show giant is reportedly looking at ultra-luxury properties in Washington, DC; something suitable for, say, possible consultations with the President of the United States.

Insiders tell the New York Post that Winfrey’s people have been scouting a nine-bedroom mansion in D.C.’s swanky Georgetown neighborhood with a whopping price tag of $50 million.
“She has never personally been to see it,” another source tells the paper. researched listings in the area and found a single house that fits that description: a $49 million, nine-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion on three-and-a-half acres with parking for 100 cars, a gatehouse, and an additional building overlooking the Washington monument.

In case Oprah has any very special guests.

Question for the day: Do you think Michelle Obama or the American people should be more worried?


  1. So this is what I think (teetering on the brink of judgmentalism)... I know Oprah does a lot of charitable things. She really does. But I think for 50 mil she could take a giant chunk out of poverty. How much does it cost to provide clean water all over the world? Seriously? How many shoes could she buy for the needy? Why does 1 woman with no kids need a 9 bedroom home? 100 cars -- well, I sort of get that since she seems to throw some humongous parties and media events. She needs the parking. But the bedrooms? I just wish God would give me or someone who is a generous Christian 50 mil. I'll bet I could spend it better. Maybe?

    I doubt M.Obama has anything to worry about. She's far more attractive than Oprah AND she's the mother of the Prez's children.


  2. While most Americans seem to be enamored by "O" I have almost the opposite reaction. In an age of harsh economic conditions, the out of site salaries of celebrities and sports figures defies description. $50 million blows me away. Worried? No. Her influence is waning. (least I hope)

  3. I don't think either entity has any reason to be worried..

    It's really none of our business what Oprah does or doesn't buy.

  4. I really don't think we have a reason to be worried about Ms Winfrey...

    It's her money, let her buy what she wants, where she wants, close to whomever she wants...

  5. So, Bill, you touched on sport's people...are you like me in believing that they are WAY over paid?

    I saw where the Yankees just signed another player for $160 million over 8 years, I believe...they now have the top 4 paid players in the MLB...



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