Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Journey to Eternity--Priceless, Well, Not Really

Lifelong Red Sox fans can now take their love of the team to the next level—eternity. Yes, to eternity. Or, better stated, to the grave.

A Massachusetts funeral home recently took delivery of the first Red Sox casket, which features the team logo on the exterior as well as the inside. The casket is manufactured by Eternal Image of Michigan, which has a licensing agreement with Major League Baseball.

Bob Biggins, co-director of Magoun-Biggins Funeral Home, told The Boston Globe families in mourning often want their loved ones buried with favorite items. In the past that’s included Red Sox paraphernalia; the casket takes it to the next step.

Biggins says the family that chose the $3,000 Red Sox casket bearing serial number 0001 did not hesitate in picking it for their father.

What do you think? Is that too much for the sports junkie?

I love sports as much as the next guy, or gal, I suppose. But, come on folks. To pay that kind of money for a box that’s going to be lowered in to the ground. I don’t think so!

Tonya, if you read this blog post—save the money!


  1. That's silly. Everyone knows God is a Cubs fan.

  2. Uhhh? Yeah. Whatever.
    Just burn me and do something cool with my ashes. I don't know. That's goofy. Weird. Just so weird.


  3. My first response when I read this earlier was "why in the world would I want a Red Sox casket anyway?" Then I thought about the ornate ones people buy for their loved ones and they don't even care. Man, burn me and save money. If people are adverse to "cremains" (what a word!) put the body in the cheapest pine box they can.

  4. Michael, Michael, Michael. First it is gun control that we discuss, now I must set you straight about baseball. Everyone knows God is either a Braves fan or O's fan! (He has to have both a national and american league team!)

    I'm not sure God has even heard of the Cubs...

  5. Heidi and Bill...I'm with you guys...just turn up the heat...and let her rip!

    Maybe my wife will take my ashes to a baseball game and drop me off around third base...

    You know how, at minor league stadiums, they allow the children to run around the basepaths after the game? Well, maybe Evan will enjoy dropping dad off at first, second, third, and home!

  6. Now if they made a "Sooner Casket".....

  7. Rick...they do!

    I know some sooner fans that needs one!!!

  8. I think a Sooner casket is just another word for Hell.

    I'm pretty sure it's Biblical.

  9. You guys can sure rise to the occasion. I'm glad I provided the fodder.

    You guys are scary.


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