Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tonya and I love Christmas ornaments!

We really do.

Every year, when we go on vacation, one of the "must have" purchases in the city we are visiting is a new Christmas ornament. Then, at Christmastime, that new ornament is placed front and center so we can see it and enjoy it.

We also have purchased a number of other ornaments that have special significance to us.

Our dog, Peanut, really is a part of our family. We've had her 5 years now and she is the best dog you could ever have. A couple of years ago, we added an ornament for Peanut.

As I've written about previously in other blog posts, I used to serve as a volunteer fireman. So, this next ornament means a great deal to me. And, oh, how I would love to drive this truck!

And, just for fun, here's a cute snowman fireman.


  1. Neat ornaments Steve. I think it would be interesting to see other peoples' ornaments. We have several. We used to watch the Hulk and play cards (euchre) every Friday night with a couple from a church. She knew I liked Smith Dairy chocolate milk so she took a carton and made an ornament out of it. We still use it. My youngest daughter made an angel with cockeyed wings. We use it to top the tree. Embarrasses her but hey, it is our tree! :)

  2. Bill...thanks...

    Would love to see the angel and the milk carton...take a couple of shots and upload them!

  3. Sally and I have done the same thing. Each country or state that we visit, we try to get either an ornament, or something that will work as an ornament, to hang on our tree. Some of our favorites are bread-dough figures from Ecuador, chilli peppers from New Mexico, a hand-hammered outline of Africa in sheet metal from Guinea, China dolls from China, and really scary-looking rainforest wood carved angels from Cote d'Ivoire.

  4. is neat to decorate the tree each year and remember back to where you've been and what you've much I sick or what--but, I'd really like to see those scary-looking angels!

  5. I dunno, man. They are SCAR-RY!!

  6. After some of the OU pictures you have shown on your much worse could they really be?

  7. Oh, I have a Sooners ornament as well. I think I'll post that one first!

  8. I agree with you Steve - the memories invoked from decorating the tree is one of my wife's and my most cherished times.

    We also have the ornaments from each year - some from trips (near or far), others from a particular event - kindergarten ornaments made with pictures shoved inside (foreshadowing for you), the Thanksgiving trip driving from Dallas to Chattenooga for the Polar Express package - we slept in a train car and got to go on a train ride so the kids could have the P.E. story told to them (a few years before the movie), and I brought my parents up from Atlanta because Dad was out of work - or the one from Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, SW of Ft Worth, where the giraffe "slimed" my hand as I tried to feed it because the kids were scared. Or the little sailor ornament the kids found to remember my military service. Or the UGLY sharp star that I got when I worked a second job at Sears oh so many years ago. Ah, 'tis the season for many memories!


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