Monday, May 17, 2010

No Regrets--100 Words

No regrets.

William Borden was the heir to the Borden family fortune. However, as a teenager, he felt called to missions. When someone told him he was throwing his life way, he wrote in his Bible: “No reserves.”

When Borden graduated from Yale, he wrote in his Bible, “No retreat.”

At the age of 25, on his way to China to work with Muslims, Borden stopped in Egypt to learn Arabic. Within a month, Borden contracted spinal meningitis and died.

In his Bible, were found these additional words: “No regrets.”

Oh Father, create in me the same spirit and desire.


  1. I had read this story of his life and was impressed by his zeal and commitment. I, too, want to have that same type of approach: no regrets.

  2. I had not heard of William Borden before now...

    Where have I been?

    No reserves. No retreat. No regret.

    I want this to be me as I follow Christ.

    Thank you for sharing!


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