Thursday, May 13, 2010

Discussion--100 Words


A reasonable word.

Yet, a word that leads to so many problems.

A wife and husband discuss a financial purchase. If great care isn’t exercised, the discussion turns into debate which turns into anger which turns into resentment which turns into a sleepless night on the couch for one spouse.

The same could be said of business partners.

Or even Facebook friends!

While business partners and Facebook friends don’t wind up on the couch, resentment is often the result of discussion.

Why is that? Human nature? Maybe.

Our sinful state? Probably.


Need to win?

Most likely!

Your thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. I think inherent in all of us is this desire to be right and to stress our point until others see it as theirs. Discussion is good for others to express their opinions (as long as they agree with me or come to that). LOL. I like discussion. i welcome it. Hopefully, I am not so close-minded that I shut others out.


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