Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shutting Down--100 Words

Shutting down.

For some time, I’ve considered shutting down my blog. At one point last year, I did for a couple of months—I think I ran out of steam or words.

I’ve also considered closing my Facebook® page. After all, who really cares if I give a status update or not or should I even care about posting those.

So, the time has come to shut’em down.

Call it quits.

Ride off into the sunset.

Bid everyone a fond adieu.

Wave goodbye.

Today’s a good a day for that.

Don’t you think?.

Considering it’s April Fool’s Day!

April Fool!


  1. That was bad Steve! here i was ready to cry in my cereal and get it soggier and then you go and tell me it is not true. Truth: I would truly be sad to see you go. (not April Fool's joke) Have a great Easter weekend by blogging friend.

  2. You not funny!

    Seriously, if you did: You would be missed.

  3. Of all days of the year i dread April 1st the worst! I don't know maybe its the feeling that i'm teaching my children, it's ok to lie today or that my dad taught me growing up to never call anyone a FOOL. Being called a FOOL was a terrible thing bc the Bible tells us only a FOOL does not believe in GOD.
    I like pulling pranks on friends that know me but i can't prank just anyone.
    We all know you Steve and know you are not a FOOL. Happy April Fool's Day.


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